Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Career Opportunity

Thank-you so much for the kind words and encouragement. I still feel like I am "moving in", you know, boxes everywhere, drapes to be hung, pictures to be put up. I don't feel completely at home yet but I do like the change , it feels good.
Someday when I don't have little babies that need me (sniff, sniff) I will turn my writing into a job, but for now, I've got one.

Plus if all that fails, I have two other career options to look forward to....

During conference Kaden was enthralled by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. He asked me during the first session,

"Mom, are you ever going to be in that Choir?"

I said,

"Well, I 'm not really a singer."

Then without hesitation he replied,

"Yes you are! I've heard you!"

(Poor boy doesn't know that I would not even qualify for the ward choir let alone the MOTAB)

But at least I can always qualify for bedtime lullaby's.

And second, remember how we stopped at The Golden Corral for lunch on our way to California? We had such a good time and it was ridiculous, the amount of food we all ate. One of the funnest parts was at the end just before we were ready to go, one of the kids came back holding a big pink swirl of cotton candy.

All the other kids bolted from the table to go and score their own. When Branson came back with his, he said,

"Mom, you should totally get a job here, you are way better at making cotton candy than that lady!"

So I'm all set, "Golden Corral Cotton Candy Lady, Yuma Arizona" by day and MOTAB by night.

And to think I was worried about not having marketable skills. Whew!


Jody said...

Ha, ha...now, Julianne, you know I'm going to have to listen to you sing during church, right? Or better yet, sic Bro. Rogers to call you for choir practice every Sunday! I mean, we have to trust Kaden, right? :)

Jen West said...

hahaha! and both of those jobs could be a lot of fun :) the job of mom is the only one i have EVER wanted. i know it's the same for you, too. we are so very blessed :)

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