Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Favorite Things-Bath Edition

The other morning Brylee was asking me what my worst and my favorite things about being a Mother were.
So my sweet Brylee, my favorites list is quite long but I will share one of them right now with you.

I love bath time. When I was little, I used to sit and watch Lanny bathing my little brothers, all the while dreaming of the day, when I would bathe mine. Growing up I was often given the job to bathe my brothers. I loved that chore! Here I am...

This is what I love about baby baths. I love those first few baths, when babies are brand new and their belly button still has a bit of purple.  These baths need the up most gentleness and care. I like to keep my babies fully dressed and snuggled in their blanket and start by just holding their soft downy hair, under the running faucet. After that, I undress the bottom half and clean those little bottoms and wrinkly little legs that are still more skin that fluff. And finally, I love cupping my warm, wet hand under those neck folds and cleaning the arms and chest and hands.

For my bigger babies, bath time is just as good. I fill the bath with only a few inches of warm water and I kneel next to the tub. I love to soap up that soft slippery skin that has filled out with rolls and dimples. I love working up a good lather on the, still mostly bald heads and I love the little hands that splash in the water like an automatic, unstoppable, reflex. I really love the long wet eyelashes that are fat with water droplets and the dripping smiles looking up at me.

Maybe the best part is wrapping that baby, big or small, up in a huge towel, leaving only a little nose and two little eyes peeking out. I love pumping a big dollop of pink Baby Magic lotion into my hands. (Please take note Brylee, that the lotion has to be Baby Magic. It can not be Johnson's & Johnson's or any other second best moisturizer, it must be Baby Magic. For Baby Magic contains the very scent of Heaven itself, and that's the gospel truth.) Always warm the lotion up by rubbing your hands together and then, starting with the tummy, massage that baby's entire being, I love that part. You will too. When the baby is all dressed, now is your chance to snuggle them right up, while they are clean and warm and fresh. Brylee sweet girl, bath time is absolutely one of my most favorite parts of being a Mother.


And for the record, Ella likes to stuff her bath full of toys and she bathes many, (MANY!) times a day. If you look close you can see that her bath always has tiny particles of nail polish floating around, but don't you worry she reapplies that flaked off polish just as soon as she is out and dry.

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Katie said...

Mmm, love freshly bathed babes too. Definitely a mom favorite :)

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