Friday, October 28, 2011

Feet First

This morning Scott got up at 5am to shower and head out. I always wake up when he gets out of bed and today, I just couldn't go back to sleep. All the stresses of the upcoming weekend were chasing away my ability to rest.

I was stressed about a return I need to make before Halloween,(not going to make it). I was stressed about cotton candy (we have to make more than I ever have before this weekend). I was stressed about all the bits and pieces of costumes, I was stressed about the 7 events going on this Saturday and how I cant possibly make it to all of them and I was stressed about Kaden's English grade that was a 98 on Wednesday and a 76 on Thursday (what the heck!?).

I knew all of this before I went to bed last night but my brain was fried and it all didn't seem to matter as much as it does now. I don't get that. But, since this is where I write, record and remember the "good stuff" I have to say that last night before bed, I had the best time with my older 3.

We had gathered on the couch to read scriptures together and I only got through about 3 verses when one of the kids asked an unrelated but important question, so I set down the book to answer. this led on to one of the funnest conversations I have had lately with them. We laughed, we discussed, we learned.

My legs were stretched out and my feet were up on the coffee table. (Which we like to call the scripture table because we don't drink coffee of course) Kaden's feet were next to mine and I pushed our feet together and pointed out that he is only a centimeter away from catching me. Then I took the pen I was holding and scribbled a note on the top of his foot, then Brylee's, then Branson's. After that, Kaden wrote a reply on mine.

It was a simple, tender mercy that I needed. And it may have been the first time that I didn't really mind the random question thing, in the middle of scriptures.

Now, I will take that faded note on the top of my foot and face the stress.

Feet first.

(I know Kaden has dirt under his toenail and my polish is as old as the hills....dont judge)

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Paul and Jenny Stoker said...

You forgot to mention Branson's really hair leg. I am judging all the way from Georgia.

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