Friday, October 21, 2011

The Good Stuff

Yesterday I was awakened by my little Ella. She crawled in bed next to me in the early morning hours and found the spot closest to my side to squish herself.  I just laid there feeling the soft, plump skin on her face, thinking I must be the luckiest lady in the world to have this little beauty as my alarm clock.
After my shower I headed for the kitchen surprised at how quiet the house still was. The boys were both sprawled out on the couch and I watched them while they started to stir and blink open their sleepy eyes. I leaned over Branson, kissed his cheek and whispered a few secrets into his ear.

I sat next to Kaden and rubbed his bare back and shoulders while he stretched. When I went back into my room again, Brylee had wondered in and climbed in under my covers. I climbed in with her and wrapped my arms around her middle. She reached back for me and with her eyes still closed she whispered, "love you Mom."

Cali was babbling in the room next door, so I went in to enjoy my favorite part of the day with her. The morning time when the babies cheeks are still warm, when their face lights up when they see you come in, when they are still jamied and blerry eyed, when their little wisps of hair are poking out all crazy, is the best moment of the entire day. I love that. I sang her my made up "are you awake, birthday cake" song that seems to come out a little different each time and I scooped her up to take her over for our morning rocking chair feast.

The morning was good. Of course the chaos of the day came rushing in moments later, the peace never lasts long-but man, I love slow mornings when there is no rush to do anything but hug and snuggle and look into the smashed face, bed hair-eyes of my 5. Most days we are in a rush and instead of waking the kids up with a hug, I turn on the lights and shout, "time to get up, breakfast is ready." But not today, today I was there, feeling their hearts beat against mine, listening to them, loving them, enjoying this one morning while they are still all mine.

Later we went to my Mom's to visit and Branson and Ella and I spent a good hour laying on our backs on the trampoline. The sky was a crystal blue with out even so much as a speck of cloud. We played the listening game where you close your eyes and be perfectly still and just listen. I told them to say out loud the sounds they heard. In a few seconds Branson said, "airplane" then I said, "birds" then Ella said, "wolfez". And then we busted up laughing.

After that we spent the afternoon swimming at my aunts house. The kids played so happy and good together and spent most of the time building something-or-other on the waterfall with all the pool toys. My cousin Collin kept Ella entertained...

(this is the face Kaden makes every time I take pictures latley, after he saw it he said, "I look dumb", thats what you get kid, thats what you get!)

and I got to catch up with my Mom, my aunt and my cousin. It was a great way to spend the afternoon. We stopped for slushies on the way home and then I had a good phone discussion with my brother Josh. He's such a good new daddy and I could feel his love for his new little "Pepper Jack" while we talked.

After that, Anna and I took our places on the sidewalk, holding our babies while we shouted, "car!" every five minutes while our pack of kids rode bikes. We also finalized our lake plans for today and I am so thankful for such a fabulous neighbor.

I am also so thankful for October break that gave me my kids back for a few days. My house may be a disaster and my laundry may be piled up but it can wait a few more days, while I finish playing.

Am I right or am I right?


Katie said...

Sounds like a perfect day!

Unknown said...

oh sweetness!

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