Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happiness Is...

When I was a Beehive (12 or 13) we had a Sunday lesson one time where the teacher asked us to finish the sentence:

Happiness is...

I am ashamed to actually admit what I wrote, but it's been long enough now that I guess it's funny.

Happiness is hitting home runs and kissing cute boys.

First of all, I had never kissed a boy so how would I know, (unless I was refering to my 6 cute little brothers) and secondly, I did hit home runs and it did make me happy.

Today, happiness is...

The post morning bath combover....

My sisters brand new baby!

Branson's awesome, homemade Halloween sign...(picture doesnt do it justice)

Getting to remind Ella: Clothes first, accessories second.....(wearing nothing but bling here!)

Realizing that when 4 kids share a room, it ends up looking like this....

(Well o.k. that doesn't really make me all that happy)

Kaden's stories from school, his most recent:

K: My Spanish teacher is getting married, she is 30 just like you.
M: Kaden I am not 30.
K: Ooops, I told my Spanish teacher you are.
M: What did she say?
K: She said, how old are you Kaden? And then I told her I am almost 12 and she said, wow, your Mom was young when she had you. And then I said, I know.
M: So your teacher thinks I was 17 when I had you?
K: Yeah, how old were you?

Made me wonder what other bits of false information my kids spread around their school. But it also made me laugh hysterically right there at the kitchen table.

Then there was this morning. This morning was the first session of general conference. I usually go into conference weekend with a few assumptions. Assumption number one is that I will only get to hear, about every 16th word. Assumption number 2 is that my children, for the most part, will not want to hear any of it.

Kaden and Scott came in, right at 9am from football practice. Kaden was red faced and dripping sweat. I was in the kitchen setting up the laptop and finishing breakfast dishes. I was a little surprised when Kaden pulled up a chair to get a front row view of the screen.

Cali was asleep, Branson was at a birthday party and Ella and Brylee were happily playing in their room. For the next two hours Kaden, Scott and I, watched conference together. Kaden got out a hymn book to sing along with the choir, he asked tender questions about the talks and he laid his head in my lap, while I whispered the answers into his ear.

When it was over Kaden said,

"Mom, do you wish conference was everyday?"

I answered,

"Yes, I love conference."

He replied,

"Me too Mom."

Then we quietly talked about truth and how when you hear it, it just makes you feel good.

I have never loved conference more than I did this morning. Heaven was not far.

And as for: Happiness is kissing cute boys...

Still true.


Katie said...

Love the first post on the new blog!

Jen West said...

Hooray! Cute new blog :) Happiness is not getting to figure out how to change the url to find you! hmmmmmm...

Sean & Julia Johnson.... said...

love it! Maybe I should have gone into conference with that only every 16th word assumption- cause I didn't, & was slightly disappointed at how little I heard :( Thank goodness for dvr!! Now I can rewatch, talk by talk, after the boys go to bed :)

Brianna said...

I am so glad you keep on writing. I anxiously wait for every single word. I don't know if I could adequately express to you how many times you say just exactly what I need to hear. You remind me of the tender mercies of my life. I can't wait to hug you to meet your beautiful children. If I ever have children of my own, I want to be just exactly the kind of mother you are. Maybe you don't always feel it, but you are an incredible mother and I have no doubt that your children know that you love and adore them. Who could ask for anything more.


Anderson Adventures said...

Love love love it! I enjoy keeping up with your cute family and reading your amazing writing. If only you had time I would have you update my blog:)

Denise said...

You can't get rid of me just by getting a new blog. I love to read your stories. I am sorry I don't comment much. Keep it up.

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