Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I am a Visionary

So far we have had a good, relaxing-get the house as messy as humanly possible-October break. We kicked it off Sunday with a Carmel apple making session.

So, you know when you have lovely visions of a beautiful family activity, wherin you are wearing a cute motherly apron, your hair is swept back in a lose ponytail, you are speaking in your best sweet voice and your children are giggling, enjoying and getting along like the Duggar kids, all the while making a heavenly childhood memory of a quiet Sunday evening full of family togetherness and bliss.

Well that was the exact vision I had on Saturday night while I picked out granny smith apples from the produce section, found Popsicle sticks in the craft isle and the melting Carmel in the seasonal baking goods.

But no, that is not quite how it went down. I mean, I really will have to stretch up high on my tippytoes to see the good in this one. First of all, Branson was mad as a hornet over some injustice from earlier. Then the little boogers would not listen to my instructions and things started to get frantic. Then Kaden complained that the chocolate layer was white and not brown and by the end, the kids had smeared so much melted chocolate on their faces that I scooted them all outside and made them wash off in the hose.

Oh yes I did.

So family bliss, no-but a memory for the kids...? Yeah I guess, whatever.

Monday was better. Friends galore, Popsicle stick houses, a raft built by me and Branson and a lot of mousetrap.

Then today we had a blast at open gym.

And we had a good laugh at these pictures of Cali stuffed inside a pumpkin.

She was a good sport, bless her heart. We still have some good plans left for the rest of the week and you better believe I still have visions. Good ones, where the kids are happy and cooperative and thrilled that they get to spend the week together. Little cheeks getting sun kissed and mud getting squished between bare toes plus make believe and hours of outside play.

The vision must be followed by the venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps -
we must step up the stairs. ~Vance Havner

Even if sometimes we fall right back down them with nothing to show for the effort, except a kitchen covered in melted carmel.


Anderson Adventures said...

I love all your visions! I have them alot myself but never attempt them sadly. Those apples sound delish:) I love the pics of Cali!

Anonymous said...

Cute picture of Cali! What a wonderful idea and the kids will someday remember with fondness all the fun activities that their Mom planned for them. :)LaDonna

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