Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I Need a Break

We had a tough weekend. It was so packed full with obligations and events and long serious talks with the kids, that I sat there on Monday morning, trying to work up the motivation to get off of my rear and start in on the huge amount of housework that was piled at my feet.
We had scouts, a baptism, football practice and a Relief Society meeting, all on Saturday. Plus, I had to finish up my lesson for Sunday. Preparing lessons, by the way, is one of my most favorite things to do. I love it.

But last night, by the time we sat down to have family night with the kids, (at 8:45!) I was empty. I used my, urgent-we better get this done before I kill over dead, voice and I rambled quickly through a lesson on money. At the end, I threw in a pretty good parental lecture on dressing ALONE in the bathroom, instead of in the family room, the kitchen, the over packed kids room, or anywhere else in the house that one might have an audience.

We are drowning in homework these days. By the time it is all done each night, I feel that my head might explode. But we are inching our way closer and closer to October break and I feel like the character from the movie that is crawling, with cracked lips and scorched skin, over endless sand dunes. Our oasis is just a few days away and I am thrilled.

I will never be able to say how much I love long, lazy carefree days. I love that I have kids who would rather lay on the side walk, cooking up big entrepreneurial plans, with their friends, than stay inside to watch t.v.

I love catching them building a tree house, making a quilt fort or reading a book. I love when they stay in their pajamas all day and when their feet turn black from riding bikes barefoot. I love ragged, 2 day old pig tails and upper lips that are stained red from punch. I love seeing them build ramps and use ropes to tie a red wagon to the back of their bike, creating a homemade amusement park ride. I love seeing dress-up strewn across a bedroom and necklaces and bracelets placed sweetly on baby dolls. I love when the house has been strung with crate paper just because it was fun.

I love finding stacks and stacks of colored-on paper and hand made stories.

I love having my kids home so that around every corner of my house, I can see the evidence of play and imagination and carefree childhood. The days of being a happy kid are just too few, the rest are wrecked by homework.

Hooray for October Break!

I'd give all wealth that years have piled,
The slow result of Life's decay,
To be once more a little child
For one bright summer day.
~Lewis Carroll

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