Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Life Saving by Grandma

I had the most beautiful morning. I got up super early so that I could be showered and ready before it was time to get everyone else up. After the school kids were dropped off, I packed up the little girls and took them over to grandmas house. After that, I drove straight into the heart of Mesa and picked up Scott's Grandma. She was wearing her white dress and was embarrassed that she still needed a few minutes to finish getting her "stockings" on. I sat in her familiar blue living room, while I waited and then we were off to the temple.

It's been awhile since I 've been able to be at the temple. I have a baby that feels she can only consume food if the food is being offered by her Mother. For everyone else she gags, screams and refuses to eat. So you can imagine that leaving her is not something I really do. But I was desperate. I miss the temple and I needed to go.

It was just a bonus that I got to go with Grandma. I had her all to myself for 2 whole hours. Grandma Mag has a knack for making me feel like I am a good mother, that my kids are absolute angels and that I am the single most talented writer on the planet. She always tells me something sweet that one of my kids said to her or a story about how she showed all her friends one of the things I have written.  I really cant say just how much I love her.

After our session we talked for a bit in the celestial room and then she asked me if I needed more time or if I was ready to go. I told her I was ready but what I really wanted to do, was rest my head on her shoulder and stay right there talking in hushed whispers for the rest of the day.

I took her home and walked her up to the door, she gave me a hug and when I drove away, I thought that I must be doing alright, certainly if Grandma Mag thinks so, then it must be true.

It was a good thing that the morning was so peaceful and calming because it just may have saved the lives of my older three, who did this to the bathroom....

It's whip cream and case you were wondering.

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