Monday, October 31, 2011

My Hero-Pet Shop Edition

Ella likes those Littlest Pet Shop things. She loves them. Almost every bath time Ella dumps the entire bucket in with her. (the other times- she fills her bath with dollies and mermaids)

Ella also really likes it when someone is willing to sit on the floor in a heap of Pet Shops and play with her. My method of doing this is to lay on my side, hold the Pet Shop in a floppy hand and mumble minimal responses with my eyes mostly shut. Sometimes Ella screams, "stop sleeping!" and then I mumble "I'm not, I'm just resting my eyes." I say that because that's what my Mother said to me. Mother of the Year, I know.

Scott on the other hand is a Pet Shop pro. He names them, he comes up with riveting story lines, he uses the bucket as a "house", he gets into it and most importantly, he doesn't fall asleep in the middle of Ella's questions like, "Hi I'm monkey, want to be friends?"

So the other morning Scott was working on clearing our slow draining bath tub, when I heard him shouting my name. I ran in there to find him standing in the shower holding up this.....

We busted up laughing.

Then I carried it around the house to show all the kids. None of them needed an explanation at all, to find the, slimy-hair strangled pet shop, just as hilarious as I did.

But the best part.

Just as I was bolting from the bathroom-slime covered-hair-petshop-nuse, in hand, Scott yelled out, "save that little pet, it's Ella's baby piggy!"

My hero.

Ella's too.


Denise said...

Seriously, I am throwing up in my mouth at the same time laughing hysterically. We had a similar situation with a slow drain and ours was a little different. NO pet shops, but rocks. Yes my kids love rocks and somehow one or two made it down the bathroom drain.

weaverfam said...

Thanks for the great laugh tonight! Our little miss loves those things too along with all their itty bitty accessories.

Katie said...

Oh my word! Too funny.

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