Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Toe Popping Good

Another weekend highlight for me was Saturday evening. Kaden had a football game and my parents came out to watch him. I was so excited when my mom phoned and told me that she and my Dad would be there. It is so rare almost non-existent to have both my parents to myself. They have ten children and 15 grandchildren so you get the idea.

Scott was the only coach at the game so my parents and I pitched our lawn chairs near the end zone and I let the other three kids run off to play. My parents passed Cali back and forth and I watched my dad pull gently on Cali's little baby toes. My Dad is not a hugger Dad or a kisser Dad or a hand holder Dad or a put his arm around your shoulder, Dad or a "I love you" Dad.

He's a toe popper Dad.

With every gentle tug on her toes I could feel him saying, "I sure love you little Cali" and consequently Cali's Mom felt loved too.

After the game which they lost, (again), we had dinner at Denny's, kids eat free on Saturday nights and the place is usually near empty. My kids all crowded in to get a seat by my Dad. He kept them entertained with picture riddles scribbled on their menus with crayon and by the end, the kids were laughing so hard a few of them nearly lost their free pancakes.

It was a noisy, messy, bathroom break filled meal but I had so much fun. The kids had so much fun. And I am pretty sure Mom and Dad had fun too.


mama bear said...

I love posts about your parents...because I love your parents. They're both so wise and so fun. You're so lucky to have them around!

~ Sara Ann said...

Love this post!!!! Your mom's hair is gorgeous!!!!! Love her!!!! Your parents are so loving and dedicated. You are blessed to have them so close... and so are your babies. :)

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