Sunday, October 16, 2011

Worth It

Yesterday was like this....
Sometime super early, before anyone should ever be up on a Saturday, Scott and Kaden left for football. In the effort to get out the door, all the other children were awakened.

I started in with the breakfast, the dressing, the cleaning. Scott and Kaden came in, had their food- then Scott showered and put on his suit. By 10:00 he was off to go conduct at baptisms. I was left with a house full of chaos. Branson wanted to do an"experiment" of course. Kaden wanted on the computer. (I always stall on this one, even when he has rightfully earned some time.) Brylee already had friends coming in and out and I still had breakfast to clean up. I couldn't get to it because Branson was in constant need of help with his "experiment".

(Mom, I need a knife, mom I need wool, do we have wool? Mom, I need sand- can I dig a hole in the yard?)

I grabbed the phone and suggested that Branson call up his friend from school and invite him over for the day. In 20 minutes said friend was on our doorstep and Branson was, at last, occupied. The girls had gone across the street to play and I got busy. I cleaned and showered and folded. I finished just in time to have the group of friends come back our way, and pull out Mouse Trap, nail polish and the coloring stuff. Branson and his friend had decided to wash the car, so the hose, the washcloths and the buckets had been strewn out across the front, along with the usual mix of bikes, helmets, ramps and skateboards.

I followed Cali around feeding her and saving her life every few seconds then Scott came home and loaded up Branson and his friend to go to Costco. He called me half way through and said that, the friend was lost. I spent the next ten minutes picturing myself calling his mother to report that we had lost her kid. The kid was found, they had a "feast" of Costco samples, as Branson reported and by the time they arrived back with a truck full of goods, a huge pack of kids had convened in the t.v. room. Every game in my game cupboard was out, along with piles of candy that the neighbor kids had brought over. Scott and I stepped over the stuff and the people while we put away the groceries.

In the meantime of all this- Ella had gone back to the neighbors house and my neighbor Anna sent me this...

with the message..Nail polish face paint.


At 5 we sent all the friends, except Bransons home and we all loaded up and went to Kaden's football game. We had 6 kids, all the football stuff, one stroller, one baby dolly, 2 bikes and the red car.

Now, Kaden's poor football team has lost every single game this season. Every single one. But last night, the clouds of defeat parted and the heavenly choirs of victory- sang down upon them and they won! Kaden scored 3 touchdowns and had an interception. Boy, did he need that. And I did too, it was so fun to watch.

Straight from the football game, Scott took the 3 big kids plus the friend to our neighbors haunted house and I drove Cali and Ella through a drive threw- because it was 7:30 and no one had eaten. When I got home the- haunted house kids, were in the street having a water fight with all the neighbors and it took me 20 minutes to round up my kids and get them all inside. Branson's friend was picked up and the kids were busy pigging out on the drive-threw fodder. I put the baby to bed and Scott and I were just about to leave, to run one last errand when Brylee started to cry.

Her stomach was hurting and a few minutes later she got up from the couch and barfed all over the kitchen.

NEVER in all my days have I seen so much vomit. I will give a graphic and grotesque description of the scene.

The girl had just eaten a full apple from the apple bopping contest at the haunted house. Then she ate an entire Arby's roast beef sandwich. Are you following? This was the context of what came splattering out all over the kitchen floor and filled the sink. It took me a half hour on my knees, with the assistance of Scott, who was standing by, holding a garbage bag open, to clean up the mess. I am telling you, the lower cupboards had to be scrubbed because of the far reaching magnificence, of the projection.

Have mercy on my soul. It was bad.

A full roll of paper towels, half a bottle of disinfectant and a kitchen trash bag later and the place was fit for human life again.

Still, Scott and I headed to the store, got what we needed, tucked all the sleeping kids in and collapsed.

We were both up again by 5:30. Scott has early meetings and it just takes me an awful long time to get the 6 of us ready to be at church by 8am. I was so dang tired.


Tomorrow starts October break. I am thrilled. A lot of our friends are back in school this week which means there is a chance my kids will be forced into spending at least some of their days off, with me and I plan to make the most of it. Bike rides, park visits, crafts and cooking days.  Hopefully, we'll make it to the lake to dig for worms and tadpoles and up to my aunts to go swimming. Maybe we'll hit a Pumpkin Patch and if the weather lets us- we'll hike. (Oh glory be-please let us hike)  Of course we'll get up when we feel like it, (which if left to the kids might be 6am) and we'll stay up late. The best, most fantastic part of October break is that we'll have NO HOMEWORK. That's right, NO HOMEWORK, which I swear is the root of all evil. Can't stand the stuff.

And I will still be so dang tired.

But that's ok because I'll have my kiddos home and that is a tired- that is always worth it.

Huge piles of splattered barf and all.


Katie said...

What a day! Enjoy the week off.

Riley said...

You should write a I can read it over, and over, and over again. It would be amazing! You're amazing! :)

-Riley Rogers

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