Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Birthday Letter: Kaden 12

Dear Kaden,

For the last few weeks I have had all kinds of words and sentences swirling around in my head and in my heart,  waiting to be written in this letter. This's big. Just the other night while you and I were having our nightly bed time talk, I asked you if you knew what else I celebrate on your birthday. You were confused. I confessed that it was a big day for me too. You were still confused, so I leaned down and whispered in your ear that it was my twelfth anniversary of the day I became a Mom.

Thank-you Kaden, for giving that to me, it is all I have ever wanted.

Twelve means that you are officially a big kid. You are not a little kid anymore but you are not a teenager yet, you are a big kid. You have a heavy backpack, you baby sit, you go on camp outs, you go to mutual and you pretty much pick your own bed time. I can hardly believe it. It feels like just a few yesterday's ago you that were pronouncing water like, "watoo" and scary, like. "scare-me". It feels like you were just sleeping every night squished between me and Dad and it feels like only days ago that you were obsessed with Spiderman.

Where all those days and years have gone in such a hurry, I just don't know. I have loved watching you grow this last year. You must be a good 3 inches taller than you were and your muscles are developing so fast. Pretty soon you will be able to beat me at arm wrestling. (as for now, I still have you pinned) But, I can already tell, it wont be long. I am astonished at your smart mind, I always have been. You have a gift for learning. You and I have spent many hours doing homework together this school year and I enjoy seeing you light up when you have learned new things and cant wait to tell me all about them.

You continue to be a great big brother. Most of the time you get a long so great with Brylee and Branson. They both look up to you and think that you are one cool guy. You guys have several inside jokes that get you all cracking up. But, I can tell that your heart holds a special place for our two baby girls. Sometimes, it is all you can do to fling your back pack onto the bench before you go in search of Cali. It is your job to protect those girls, Heavenly Father has trusted you with that job and I know you will always take it seriously.

You have learned some lessons this year. You have had to repent for the rare wrong choices that you make, but don't worry, we all do. I am so thankful that you have been willing to work hard, do better and try again. You will be repeating that process over and over in your life, as you grow and learn. You have had to learn to accept failure as your football team has lost every game- except one! Always remember that it is easy to be a good sport when we win but it is only the very great people who can be a good sport when they loose. Those hard moments will be your chance to show Heavenly Father what your true character is.

Your twelve years means that the Priesthood in our home is doubling. Kaden, this is a true honor. Not only for you but for the rest of us that will get to feel that increase and be blessed by it. Sometimes you and I talk about certain items that you would like to save for and buy, but this gift of the Priesthood is priceless beyond cost. So many times in your life you will meet people that have many things that cost money but are valueless, share your gift with them and use it to bless the lives of others. From now on, you will have to be even more vigilant, even more aware, even more good. So many people will be watching you and following your example, make sure that example is Christlike and kind. Kindness will take you so far. You must also be grateful, so very grateful for the privilege of using this incredible power.

I love this scripture from Peter:

But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light.

You are chosen, you are called out and you will be a holder of his royal priesthood. You are enlisted on the Lord's side. As you magnify this Priesthood and "shew forth the praises of Him", you will truly feel His "marvellous light" warm soul and light your way. I know that the Priesthood is real. I have seen it work so many times and in so many ways. Heavenly Father certainly loves you Kaden and is anxious for you to move forward with this new chapter in your life. He has work for you to do. Do it well.

I am so very proud of you Kaden boy. You have such strong righteous desires and you have a strong testimony that started all those years back when water was "watoo" and scary was "scare me".

Thank-you Kaden for letting me walk on this sacred ground of Motherhood, your hand in mine. Thank-you for being so good, for being so handsome, for being a big brother and for coming to me and Dad.

How I love you.

Happy Birthday,

Love Mom.


Heidi G. said...

Wow. How Beautiful! What a tender-parent to such a special 'birthday' son. He's so blessed to have you! Thank you for sharing such a beautiful testimony of motherhood with the rest of us today! We hope that others' will read and be blessed by your message! It's what life is all about!

(will you add our grab button to your site? We're trying to get more visitors for you and...if you'll comment on our site and on the blogs of others' on our site -- they'll be able to find you better.) Thank you.

Katie said...

Love that you write these to your kids. May need to start this tradition for mine. Now if I can only remember in a few weeks... :)

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