Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dear Halloween

I have bits of candy wrappers trailing around the baseboards. I have a super girl cape on the coffee table and ripped up, zombie pants splattered with red paint, on my washer. I have a caveman beard in my purse and a cowgirl hat and boots to return to my cousin. Cali has faded red circles on her cheeks and there is a rotting pumpkin on the porch.

Good-bye Halloween. It's a good thing you only come once a year.


We did have fun.

We started with trunk-or-treat on Friday night, which is always a huge amount of work but the kids are in Halloween Heaven. We live 3 doors from the church and my 3 big kids just run out the door, hook up with friends and I don't see them again until the end of the night when their zombie make-up is smeared and their buckets are over flowing. For my part, I run the cotton candy and get to see, wide, happy eyes, peering over the bowl at me, waiting for their swirl. I think cotton candy is magical to children. To me, it's-pink boogers and sticky armpits and fluffs of sugar stuck in my hair.

Saturday we spent 3 hours making more cotton candy at the school carnival and then we went straight to my Mom's, for a birthday party. After that Scott and I still had the adult session to attend and the grocery store to hit. I was the REAL zombie by the time that day was over. I certainly felt like the walking dead, covered in cotton candy.

Monday, I had to costume the kids before school and then again after school. For my poor Kaden Halloween was an endurance test. Kaden HATES itchy. The kid wont even wear a shirt that has a tag. So when he settled on this for his costume....

I knew we were in trouble. He was gagging and spitting into the sink the first time he wore his beard and mustache. We had to rip it off and let him gain control before trying again. Then after spending 20 minutes getting him ready for school, he came home and reported that he ripped it all off during first hour.

"I just couldn't stand it Mom."

Luckily he did ok with it the 3rd time, last night, for trick-or-treating. Good riddance to that ridiculous hair ball, beard.

Cali was cute as can be.

Brylee was a pretty little cowgirl.

And Branson was a bloody zombie. (Why thank-you, I know, his make-up is fantastic!)

And these two...

Well they were just playing their real life parts of each others super heroes. They have something special going, that's for sure.

So Halloween, thanks for rotting my kids teeth and making a giant, hairy, sticky mess in my house. Thanks for requiring me to make hundreds of cones of cotton candy for bunches of excited kids. Thanks for letting Kaden win an "awesome costume" award at the trunk-or-treat, he needed that. Thanks for letting us trick-or-treat this year with out sweating. Thanks for letting us get together with cousins and mingle with the kids friends from school. Thanks for smearing fake zombie blood all over my bathroom and for serving us delicious soup and stew-twice. Thanks for letting Scott dress up as a hero, so that everyone could see what I see everyday. Dear Halloween, I guess your alright. Just promise that you wont come back for ONE-WHOLE-YEAR.


Katie said...

They all look adorable! So glad it is over too :)

Saren said...

Cute cute family! You just left a comment on my blog and I wanted to let you know we DO have a Retreat in Arizona where we'll talk about a lot of the great methods and ideas in my parents book and lots more. Would love to have you join us November 19th in Gilbert! Check out the details at powerofmoms.com (click on the upper right corner when you get to the website).

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