Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Family Pictures

We only do family pictures every 3 years. It's just too big of a job. Coordinating out-fits, shoes and hair bows for 7 people is just a lot to figure out. After that's done then you have to figure out how your going to get 5 kids ready. It's a huge dilemma. See if you start too early then a few of them will get unready after you have gotten them ready while you are getting someone else ready, and by the time, it's time to go your chances of having everyone ready at the same time is slim. But if you start too late then someones hair isn't going to get quit done how you wanted it and you may forget someones socks or hair bow because you were running around like some crazed circus act trying to get it all together at the last second. Either way, YOU will be sweaty.

So then you take your sweaty self and your "ready" kids and meet your husband at the place. Where he changes in the car into the clothes that you bought that very day, that he has never before tried on and you just hope it fits. Then you give him a dirty look because you asked him to shave but he thought when you said "please shave on Monday" what you meant was, "if you shave on Sunday that counts for Monday too."

Then...some of the kids start fighting over a stick and the toddler is crying before you even start. Then one of your sons demands that YOU and only YOU tie his shoes even though you are busy holding a baby and reapplying her shoes and bow every 3 seconds.

Then you start to bribe ridiculous things like, "if you smile good we'll go to Disneyland, fly to the moon and buy everyone a puppy." After the bribing stops working then you start the threatening that goes, "if you do not smile, you will never eat again for the rest of your life and we'll chain you to a pole." Then the toddler starts to cry again because her shoes are hurting and half way through the shoot you have played a good 5 rounds of musical hair bows. Then your dear, sweet photographer and friend puts herself in a precarious position just for the sake of a shot and slips in the mud. Then in between the bribes and the threats and the hair bows falling out and the mud,  the photographer says, "smile" and then you all squeeze together, looking like the perfect happy family and CLICK.


 And that's OK because sometimes we are a perfect happy family. Not very often, but sometimes.

Besides that heaven knows I have enough "real" pictures where we look like this....

and this....

and this....

Yup, I think we've documented the un-perfect quite sufficiently.

(I have a goal to actually get out Christmas cards this year, most my addresses are outdated since I haven't sent Christmas cards in eons, but I have repented and will do better, so if you want one leave me a comment or an email with your address so I can send one. my email is in my side bar.Thanks!)