Monday, November 28, 2011

Giving Thanks

We kicked off the long holiday weekend with a party for Kaden. We had the best magician come and he really did such an amazing job. He is 77 years old but he had all those 12 year old boys wrapped around his finger.

Plus we made an attempt to accomplish Kaden's birthday tradition which is sleeping on the tramp. (Idea for birthday traditions found here).

We didnt last very long because, A: it was so cold...

and B: someone who shall remain nameless was stinky:

After the party it was onto Thanksgiving. I had one wish for Thanksgiving. A hike. One little hike, with the kids and Scott. I had it all planned out in my head.

Wake up early, head to the mountain, put babies in back packs, hike, eat, have a Thanksgiving devotional on the mountain, head down, shower, go to Thanksgiving dinner.

I really didn't think it was too much to ask but the "Turkey Bowl" football game took precedence. Dinner at the Heywoods was delish and my favorite part was when I saw Ella eating all alone outback.

She didn't seem to mind at all but it only took a few minutes until this happened....

I love those sisters.

 In his defence, Scott finished all of our Christmas shopping, during black Friday with his family and after sleeping we finally got hiking Friday afternoon. As soon as my feet hit the gravel and I took my first breath of desert air, I felt renewed. I would hike every morning if I could, it clears my head and makes me happy.

Poor Scott was sore as could be from the football game and the all nighter out shopping but he was a trooper and packed Ella the whole way. The sun is setting far too early these days but we did get to watch her go down for the night and it was awesome.

We took black lights hoping to find scorpions but maybe they don't come out in the winter because we didn't see a single one. My favorite part of the hike was when I over heard Scott talking to Kaden about the Priesthood, prepping him for what was to come.

So this morning we woke up before the sun to be at the church by 8 am. (Scott leaves by 6:30 for Bishopric meetings) I put lunch in the crock pot, made the frosting and showered. Then I started waking everyone up. I rubbed Kaden's bare shoulders until he started to stir. I whispered in his ear,

"Today is a big day."

He rolled over and smiled. After that everything is a blur. I frantically fed, dressed, bathed, combed, straightened, tucked and brushed. I looked at the clock at 7:45 and knew...I wasn't going to make it.

KAden had already left for the church and I desperately wanted to get there in time to raise my hand and sustain him. At the last minute with a half dressed Cali slung under my arm, I shouted to Brylee to get Ella dressed and comb her dripping-wet bath hair and get to the church. Then I flew out the door with out my bag or anything else. I ran up the sidewalk in my Sunday heals and stepped through the back doors just in time to see KAden stand up next to our bishop near the pulpit. He was presented as a new deacon and I shifted Cali to my left arm so that I could raise my hand high and sustain my boy.


After that I made my way up to the very front row where everyone else had found a place to sit. That was when I breathed for the first time in over an hour and when I noticed that Brylee had last nights mud between her toes and Ella's dress was all hiked up in her panties.

Good enough.

During Sunday School I walked home to finish dressing Cali and to turn off the crock pot, just as I was about to head back to the church Scott came in the door. When I was finished in the kitchen I went to the back bedroom to see what Scott had come home for. I found him kneeling at the foot of the bed. I quietly stepped out and thanked Heaven for such a righteous, good man as my partner.

We met Cowboy, Lanny and Grandpa, Grandma and Grandpa Heywood, Uncle Sam, Aunt Penny and Grandma Magnusson in the foyer and gathered around the bishops office for the ordination. Scott did such a great job and I loved seeing Kaden surrounded by all those great Priesthood holders that love him so much.

I looked down during the blessing to see Kaden's feet through the circle. One shoe was untied and he had one foot slightly on top of the other. In that moment I felt so amazed at the love that the Lord has for his children, Kaden is still just a boy- whose shoes aren't always tied and whose hair is usually combed a bit crooked but Heavenly Father is already trusting him with the power to act in His name. It is amazing.

It was a beautiful day, outside and in. After a few pictures...(please excuse me, I have been a little sick and I felt as bad as I look in these)

We had lunch and Scott and I were able to give Kaden a little gift that he has been asking for. A REAL CTR ring.

He was thrilled. Kaden blew out candles, whistled himself the happy birthday song, received a heartfelt letter from his Grandpa and showed off a few of his favorite magic tricks. (of course).

I really cant think of a better way to have spent Thanksgiving weekend. It was lovely. And even though I know that Kaden doesn't fully understand yet the significance of what happened today, it is still significant. And line upon line-he will understand. Next week he will pass the sacrament, collect fast offerings and start participating in all of the activities and service that the deacons do. What a privilege this will be for him.

Thanksgiving may be the official "thankful day" but I am truly thankful everyday for so many blessings. Especially for the simple truths of the gospel that turn the ordinary, mundane tasks of motherhood into the most sacred endeavor on earth.

I am so very Thankful for that gift.

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He is so grown up! I loved reading about his big day... makes me think my boys will be there before I know it!

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