Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Glitter and other Sparkly Things

Last night Kaden and I stayed up past bedtime working on his Egypt poster. Let's just say that I will be seeing tiny sparkles of glitter on my kitchen floor, for eons to come. But it turned out so good, and he was so proud to take it in to school today.

Kaden and I have spent endless hours doing homework together this year. There have been a few days when  sitting at the computer with kaden...while holding Cali.....while entertaining Ella......while answering the twins calls of, "Mom I need help!"....while shewing the neighbor kids away with a, "five more minutes guys, they're almost done", has nearly made my head explode right off of my body. But I can also say that so much good has come of those hours together.

We have a few inside jokes, like this one,

"Hey Kaden, how's Charlie and the Mesopotamian Hebrews."

What you don't get it? Inside joke.

We have learned all about ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia and Julius Caesar and I tell you what, I still really hate homework but I love that it forces us to get together, reading, learning, practicing and on occasion, squishing our faces together while searching for a hidden answer in a text book. Oh and making a giant glittery mess in the kitchen at 10pm on a Monday night.

Kaden had a very rough first quarter. During fall break he and I sat down and came up with a plan to make the second quarter better. The best idea that came out of that planning session was prayer. Now every night, when the others are asleep, Kaden and I meet at the couch and pray together. He usually always want me to say it and I gladly agree. I just love pouring out my heart to Heaven, for Kaden, with him leaned up next to me listening. Prayer is magical.

Today, I will iron Kaden's white shirt and later, after dinner, I will walk him down to the church to have his priesthood interview with our Bishop.

Be still my heart.

This is yet one more of those huge blessing that come form being a covenant making people. I think nothing takes my breath more than watching my children make sacred promises. Each progressing one, arming them more and more, with what they need to face this big world. How I love that Kaden boy and how I love my faith, that binds me to him- forever.

(And I think the glitter all over the kitchen-will quite possibly, last just as long)

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