Monday, November 7, 2011

Grabbies and Stealies

This past weekend was our local Time Out for Women-Women's conference. There were a few speakers that I really wanted to hear. But I just couldn't bring myself to leave Cali, so I made the best of it.
I enjoyed my family.

Starting Friday after school the kids and I hung out. We had no plans and no big obligations and the weather has finally changed. (Glory be! The weather has changed!) We headed for the back yard and played several rounds of tether ball. And despite the fact that the kids cheat constantly, (polies, ropies, laughies, grabbies, blockies, stealies, reachies) you name it-ies, if its a cheat they do it, I still win. That's right, every time. I think it is so fantastic that my children are learning the foreign language of Tether at school. Just play one game with them and you will see that they are fluent.

I'm so proud.

After they all tired-out from losing to me, Ella and I laid in the yard on a blanket while the twins sat on the fence, picking leaves off the neighbors tree. They like getting the ones with the little, white puffs of tiny insect eggs on them. I think it's gross.

But oh how I love an afternoon spent on a picnic blanket.

After dinner, the kids used a bucket on the trampoline as a little carnival ride and when they couldn't get quite high enough, I helped them out by jumping them silly. It was fun.

Later that night the wind picked up and the kids and I stood in our dark doorway feeling the cold air and watching the storm come in. As soon as the tiniest little rain drops started to fall they bolted for swim suits and headed out into the street. It was 10pm.

They decided super fast that a winter rain is entirely different from our 90 degree summer monsoons. They are not nearly as easy to play in, because as it turns out, your little fingers and toes start to freeze, (and maybe a few other parts as well).

On Saturday I ran my whole family (except Cali) off for the day, so I could teach my Shutterfly class. It was so fun to hang out with so many great Moms for the afternoon.

Saturday night Scott and Kaden went to the gym and I found myself in the girls room with a sudden burst of energy. I had promised myself back in January when my Mom came to help me organize the girls room, that I would clean out the clothes every 6 months. (remember that). Well, Cali is almost 9 months old (gulp)-and so it was time.

So I started my pile. My pile called,

"Clothes Cali has already grown out of, sniff, sniff)

I went through each piece, fighting that familiar lump that forms in my throat. When I came to the pieces that all three of my girls have worn, I held them to my face, smelled them one last time and kissed them good-bye, with a hope that someone else will love their baby girls in them, as much as I have.

I am not a keeper. Stuff is just stuff and I have a small house. Plus, I have a philosophy that if everything is special, them nothing really is. I have a tendancy to  turn these clothes cleaning out days, into full on bawl sessions. But, picking only 2 items for each child that are extra special, tuck them in their little baby keep sakes box, and then letting the rest go, to someone who needs them, is my coping skill.

Now I have a big bag of clothes waiting by my front door for their new owner.

Deep breath.

Let go.

Move on.

Taking a quick picture of a few things helped me through it as well.

Ragged jamiies that all 3 girls have worn.

Cute little jacket that I have snuggled all 3 girls on the beach in.

Little top that all 3 girls wore and Ella wore on her first birthday

So my beloved, Women's Conference, I am sorry I missed you, but I got something really good out of the weekend anyhow. Something even better than you.

But next year, I'm all over it- even if I have to pull a few, stealies, reachies, blockies and grabies of my own to get there.

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