Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I get sad sometimes. Sad that my laundry pile never seems to stop growing. Sad that Cali bumps her little head all day long. Sad that Ella throws fits. Sad that my little sister lives far away. Sad that my big sisters has fought a life long battle in her very own mind and soul. Sad that Scott isn't home more. Sad that Kaden has piles of homework. Sad that I sent writing samples into a few publication and heard nothing back. I guess I could go on but what I really want to say is, that while everyone has sad things, everyone has happy things too.

One of my happy things--tether.

That's right, tether. If you don't have a tether pole. Get one.

Last night my little brother Jaren came to visit us. The same little brother that spent a good portion of his babyhood on my hip. The same brother that I used to bathe every morning before junior high. The same brother that nearly died in a 2006 dirt bike accident and left me absolutely devastated for weeks while he laid lifeless in ICU. Now, that little brother is thriving and even though I don't see him nearly as much as I used to, last night was a fun exception to that.

Jaren is as full of life as anyone I have ever met. My kids adore him. When he showed up yesterday to show the kids his new puppy, I fed the man tacos and challenged him to a tether game. I won the first two and he won the second two.

These pictures DO NOT do the game justice. And we laughed so hard reviewing them, that by the time he left, I had a splitting hysteria headache.

this is my favorite, the ball had just bounced all weird off Jarens head

You should know that we couldn't really see. It was DARK and both of us got clocked few times by flying balls that we couldn't see coming. If you are looking for a family Christmas present, look no further. I don't know why, but this stupid back yard game, can really chase away the blues.

As long as you have someone like Jaren to play it with.


Tara said...

LOLLOLlol...thanks for the morning laugh!

Tara said...

I want one of those perfect Christmas cards! 235 E Leland St. Mesa, 85201. We moved a few months ago down to Lehi. Love being back in town. Enjoyed reading your blog this I need to go get some work done!

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