Monday, November 14, 2011

Long Weekend-Long Post

I love me some long weekends. And this one, did not disappoint. Starting Friday, the last 3 days have been filled with a whole lot of old fashion goodness. The kind of goodness that makes you feel like you've stepped back in time for a moment when kids ran around barefoot in the neighborhood and friends came together just to offer company, love and support.

On Friday the little pack of neighborhood kids started to gather bright and early, just after breakfast. They are like a bunch of little magnets that are forcefully pulled together and then..WHAM, they stick together for the rest of the day.

There was a scene in my front yard, so cute and so endearing, I had to giggle and take a picture. It was all the little boys, decked out in nerf gear, protective goggles from science class and ammo belts, gathered in my front yard and ready for battle. They even built makeshift forts to use as cover. I love it.

The rest of the herd was down in Jaime's cult-a-sack, putting together the "charity talent show". The kids planned this show out, picked a charity and put on a spectacular show in the green belt. I was amazed at what a bunch of rug rat kids can do when they get determine.

Kaden did magic...

if only you could smell this picture. These 3 pubescent boys started out the day by attending a 4 hour, physical fitness merit badge clinic and then spent the rest of the day out in the street perfecting their magic. PEE-YOU! (sorry Stacy, but seriously, they smelled!) But their show was great and I think they all went to bed dreaming of going all Criss Angel on us.

Branson and a troop of other boys did a round of ramp jumps for their talent and Branson even jumped 2 of the neighborhood Dads.

He was so very proud.

Brylee and her friends literally came up with dozens of "talents" but between the piano songs and the skits-Brylee sang a solo. Be still my beating heart, it was precious.


Brylee sweet girl, you truly are lit from the inside out with beauty, kindness and love. Let it shine, girl, let it shine.

We darted to the car as fast as we could when the show was over so we could make it to Grandma's house in time to hear Sam, Scott's youngest brother, open his mission call. My boys were all wide eyed and attention when he read...

"Dear Elder Heywood you are hereby called to labor in the New York, New York North, Spanish speaking mission."

The cheers erupted and I looked over to see my boys smiling and staring up at that awesome missionary Uncle.
Sammy boy, you are the exact example these little future missionaries need. We sure love you and are so proud of you!

We wouldn't have missed that night for the world.

Later still, Scot and I went to Kaden's 8pm football game. We chalked up another loss, another HUGE disappointment for our boy, who plays his heart out and leaves almost every game fighting tears. His touchdown, his interception and his multiple flag pulls, don't seem to mean a thing to him when the score is not in our favor. His heart breaks every week. Mine does too.

Sunday was the usual flurry of 8am church and I feel completely drained by the time we sit in our bench for the meeting. But I leave church completely filled back up every time. After church my friend called to tell me about a sweet act of kindness she saw Brylee offer in Primary and I had to fill her in on the fact that while Brylee may have been a stellar example of goodness, Ella was so naughty that she was bounced (as my friend Stacey would say) right out of primary. I just about died of humiliation when I heard about my little delinquent . So thanks Janet for the compliment, we needed it. I also got the sweetest email from another friend thanking me for my Relief Society lesson. What good friends I have, I made a note in my heart to be more like them.

Later we did homework, took naps, had dinner, made cookies and went for a walk, wherein we almost caught a black bunny that was racing in and out of the bushes. Branson was so very disappointed when he got away. At 10 pm Kaden and I finished up the last bit of homework and when I kissed him goodnight, I thanked Heaven for the chance I get every day to be HERE.

HERE as in-MOM.

It's a good place and I love it. (Even though it is 10:22 and Ella is still going strong. Have mercy)


Katie said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I loved how you said it for Sunday's...I too arrive feeling empty, but leave full.

stacy said...

you don't have to say sorry to me...I'm the one who's sorry cause i KNOW how bad that smell is! eeeeewwwwwwww!

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