Monday, November 21, 2011


There is all kinds of magic happening around here.

Kaden, could hardly stand the wait for his birthday gift. Everyday he ran in from the bus asking,

"did it come?"

It was like watching a pacing father in the hallway of the hospital. The anticipation was making him a bit nutty. Thursday the UPS truck delivered a big brown box and I hurried it to the back of the closet. After football practice that night, we gathered near the foot of our bed to watch Kaden open his hand picked gift.

It was priceless. (I'm sorry this child never wears a shirt)

The boy could not wipe the smile off of his face. He stayed up till midnight that first night practicing and now we get to enjoy disappearing hankies, floating cards and some pretty cool, cup and ball tricks.

Kaden also went on his first 12 year old camp out, where he rock climbed.

And then today was Kaden's very last day of primary.

sniff, sniff.

When I got home from church I dug out his, "first day of primary" photo.

Yeah- maybe I shouldn't have.

It was like pouring salt in an open wound. I am so excited for Kaden. He is embarking on such a fantastic new adventure but, I will always be a little bit melancholy for my chubby cheeked, toe-headed first baby boy.

Talk about magic...his best trick is called...."vanishing childhood-he'll shock, amaze (and devastate) you by growing up in a blink of an eye!"

After the shots, Ella spent the nest day under the weather. She and I (and Rapunzel-and Tiana, and Goldilocks) spent the morning in bed. A good excuse to snuggle the morning away is always magic.

Branson needed some magic healing this weekend too. The boy runs the neighborhood barefoot. But over the weekend he stubbed his big toe so many times that by Saturday night, he was sobbing in pain. I knew it must have hurt, because Branson is as tough as they come. I took him to see Uncle Ron today and after only a few seconds of inspection he said,

"I think it's broken".

Tomorrow, I am off to find a boot to keep his foot stable while it heals. The biggest disappointment for him is that his recess tether ball games might have to be avoided for a while.

Cali is just all full of magic and wonder. Her best tricks lately have me all melted in puddles on the floor. My favorite baby girl trait is the "babydoll love". Just this week Cali started the ever heart melting...pick up the baby and give her a love act. It is just to die for.

I also love the pick-a boo. She gets herself all crammed into small spaces and then I come up and say, "boo" and that little angel face lights up with all kinds of shine. This baby girl is straight up magical.

The best magic of all this weekend was Brylee's. No "abra-cadabbra" necessary. During church I watched her color out this note. I could hardly contain my love for her while I watched from two seats over what she was writing.

I will show it to Ella and then I will be tucking this little treasure away for safe keeping. That Brylee girl is as good as they come and her two little sisters think she is the stars and the moon. I do too. There is just nothing quite as magical for a Mama than when her children love each other. We have our fare share of sibling contention, don't worry, but when that love comes gushing out like it did today, it fills me up and fuels me onward.

I love being a Mom.

The universe is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.”
Eden Phillpotts

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