Friday, November 11, 2011

Our Veteran

To Our Veteran,

Dear Josh,

Thank-you for driving across town for thirty minutes yesterday to go with me and the kids to the Veterans Day celebration, at the school. Thanks for putting on your uniform, you looked handsome. I am certain that there were many, many other things you could have done with your time.

Thanks for just laughing during Ella's long continuous fit that started the ever-loving-second that we arrived at the school and lasted until the ever-loving-second that we left. Thanks for saying, "it's fine" when I apologized for the food being hot dogs and burgers instead of the promised Carrabas.Thanks for understanding when Cali slobbered chewed up cracker all over Emily and when Kaden had somewhat of a hunger induced break down when he saw the length of the food line. Thanks for not making even the slightest comment when Ella spilled her lemonade and it almost drenched your phone. Thanks for standing at attention during the anthem, it always chokes me up a bit. Thanks for ignoring the fact that I sent Ella to the school bathroom, of all places, barefoot. Thanks for laughing when I rolled down the window on the drive home, at the red light, so that you and Emily, in the car next to me could hear Ella...still screaming.

Thanks for bring little Pepper Jack with you because seeing his ever expanding cheeks just makes me plain happy. Mostly, thanks for being a good brother, husband, uncle and daddy. And for being willing to risk your life, be deployed and give up weekends in defence of our precious freedom.

Happy Veterans Day Joshy, want to come next year?



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