Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Something funny happened today. We went through our usual flurry of morning craziness today. Breakfast, lunch packing, shoe finding, teeth brushing and hair combing. On the way to school we watched the temperature on the rear view mirror, which we always do. The kid in the front seat gives a play by play, to the rest of us.

"48-47-come on, come on...wait for it...46! Yes!"

After that we pull up to the lane where one of the teachers opens the car door to let everyone out. I said good-bye to Kaden, to Brylee and then as Branson hopped out of the car I noticed that something was terribly NOT RIGHT.

I saw the fly of Branson's pants running right up the middle of his bum and a pocket that was facing the wrong way. Just before the door shut I yelled from the drivers seat,

"Branson wait, get back in!"

The teacher looked at me confused and Branson looked at me confused but did what I said and GOT BACK IN. Thank his lucky stars.

I pulled around into a secluded spot and told him through a fit of laughter that his pants were on backwards. He was stunned but looked down and realized his mistake.

Off came his belt, off came his shoes, off came his socks, (not sure why the socks but still, off they came) and he made the switch all the while blabbering on about how bad that would have been for his 3rd grade rep to have sauntered into school with his pants on backwards.

And you betcha, I was blabbering on about what a good Mother I am, as to catch the mistake before anyone saw.

When the pants were switched and the belt relooped his socks were no where to be found. I mean, can socks really disappear from the front seat of a car in a matter of 30 seconds? I suggested he check his shoes and when they weren't there I got a motherly hunch about where they must be. I stuck my hand quickly and unrespectfully up my boys pant leg and fished out the first sock. Branson could hardly breathe he was laughing so hard, because apparently it tickles to have someone jam their arm up your pant leg. I didn't hesitate for a second, the bell was about to ring and so help me- I was getting that other sock before I had to traipse into the office in my pj's and slippers to sign the kid in. In two seconds, I had retrieved the other sock and all was well.

We had such a good hardy laugh there in the front seat,  that I was still laughing when I drove away.

My Buddy Branse, thanks for the hysteria, I'm awful glad that your mine kid.

(picture by Robin Lee)


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