Tuesday, December 13, 2011

By Way of Catching Up-December Edition

I have some catching up to do.

It has been raining. I love it. I have never lived anywhere except right smack in the desert so these cold drizzly days where the clouds take the show, are such a treat for me. It was fun yesterday to wake my sleeping school kids with a warm back rub and a,

"Guess what, it's raining outside", whisper in their ears.

For some reason my bathroom is a great place to listen to rain on the window. Brylee and I stopped in the middle of placing her 2 piggy tales yesterday morning to listen. And when it was time to go to school, I looked out to see Branson standing across the street with his friend, holding Ella's pink Rapunzel umbrella over his head- high and proud. I tried to sneak a picture but it didn't really turn out great.

I had a vison early on in the Christmas season of the kids and I snuggled around the Christmas tree, all the lights in the house turned off so that we could read Christmas stories together with just the glow of the Christmas lights. But like usual my visions don't always play out like I dream them up. I actually had to beg Kaden to join us. When I told him my plan and asked him to go and get a pillow and a blanket I thought his eyes might roll right out of his head.

"Really Mom?"

"Yes, really kid, go get a blanket."

I miss my little boy Kaden that was still eager to indulge my visions and big plans for magical childhood things. He is way past being willing to pretend for the sake of his Mama and he is way past being willing to stand in the morning rain under his sisters pink umbrella.


He did end up curling up near my feet to listen to the story and it must have been peaceful to him because he fell asleep.

I'll take it.

Last week we took the kids to see The Nutcracker. Now that gets Kaden every time. He may not be drawn in by the show but he is drawn in by food. Ella hardly moved her gaze from the dancers and singers, she was entirely captivated. I held her and Cali on my lap through almost the entire show, which didn't bother me a bit. I love those two little sisters.

And speaking of sisters, my phone rang in the late late hours of the night a few days ago. My sister was in need and I spent 2 hours talking to her. While we talked, I silently worried that I wouldn't be able to face the day and all it's demands on the little sleep that I was going to get. When the conversation finally wore down, we said our goodbyes and I was thankful that I had gotten up. I hate to think what she would have felt if I hadn't. And as it turns out, I conquered tired just fine. I cleaned my entire house, babysat for my friend, took 4 kids to the dentist and got ready in time to go with Scott to a clients Christmas dinner. Blessings abound when we GET UP. That I know for certain.

We have a house situation that goes like this...Our house is too small. So when the baby was born Kaden lost his bed. He slept most nights on the couch anyway so I didn't worry too much about it. But lately I have felt something picking at me, nudging me to fix the situation. Then this morning Scott woke me up at 4am to tell me that Kaden was up watching Myth Busters reruns.

"Something has to be done," I said.

On the way to school, I reached over to Kaden in the passenger seat, I squeezed his hand and asked him if he would like it if we cleaned out our tiny office and made it into somewhat of a room for him. He didn't look at me but he said softly under his breath,

"Thank-goodness Mom."

I honestly didn't think he really cared, he has never complained about it. But honestly- a lot of the time, I am just plain wrong.

Thank-goodness indeed-for little prickings and nudgings that wont go away until we listen.

And one last thing. At the dentist yesterday, Ella needed me to come back to the room and sit with her, so I left my boys out in the waiting room. There were a few other kids in there too, all of their faces were buried in video games. Half way through Ella's cleaning, an alarmed receptionist came in and said,

"Um, your boys are out front climbing a tree and it's raining"

I wanted to say,

"Yea, so?, Haven't you ever heard of little boys climbing trees?"

Do we really live in a world where little boys climbing trees causes great alarm? Is that crazy to anyone else? What she should have said is,

"I am so glad that your boys are out front climbing a tree in the rain instead of lost in some wireless world."

Am I right or am I right?

What I didn't tell her is that they not only climb trees they climb fences and basketball poles and backyard sheds. Plus, they build fires all by themselves and they own their very own pocket knives and they use the stove to help me with dinner and Branson even has his own hot glue gun that he is allowed to use whenever he wants without adult supervision.

Yea, I didn't tell her all that.

And that is how my blog got all caught up.

Pink umbrellas and everything else.

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