Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Sweets

On Saturday afternoon Brylee started cooking up plans to take some "secret treats" to her two best friends. I told her that if she would wait until Sunday, that I would be more than happy to help her put something together after church.

With in the first 30 seconds after church Brylee was begging to get started. Then as soon as Branson heard the mixer start up he was in on it too. The twins and I, (along with Cali under my feet and a mostly naked Ella on the counter) spent the entire afternoon baking, frosting and crafting.

I tell you what, these little twins can really put their hearts into a project. They used lunch bags and little foam squares, left over from some other art project and made the cutest little gift bags. They glued together a couple snowman ornament's and their finished product was awesome. They also stuck with frosting and decorating dozens of cookies until it was all complete.

When Brasnon was scribbling out the message he wanted on his bags, I suggested that he write something like,

To: "Friends name"
From: Branson

His answer to me was,

"No way Mom, Mr. Eyre says that it's best to be secret when you give a gift."

So instead he wrote,

To: Friends name
From: ?

Once again I was so thankful for a teacher that teaches my kids way more than just math and reading.

The best part of the day was when we loaded up to deliver our secret treats. Of course, the twins wanted to do good old fashion door bell ditching so we parked strategically at each house and made good clean get aways. It was a highly covert operation.

Later that night while I wiped frosting smears off the counters and swept up cookie crumbs from off the floor I realized that I had made some of my very own Christmas wishes come true. On Thanksgiving Day, I had made a few silent plans to myself that I was going to say "no" to most of the extra Christmas fluff so that I could say "yes" to my kids.

"Merry Christmas to me", I thought because yesterday, was as sweet as it gets.

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Shelley said...

I LOVED the dash away picture with tounge out and all. Way to catch the moment! What a fun afternoon :)

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