Thursday, December 15, 2011

Double Good

This morning while I was doing Brylee's hair she started to tell me a school story. I was all ears because heaven knows I love a good tale of elementary school happenings. The story was about a girl in their class. I have heard about her before, she seems to be the friendless type that takes a lot of gossip, a lot of harshness and maybe even some bullying.

Now, here is where I will say that the story I am about to reveal is about the same boy that dumped his entire bowl of cereal-on purpose-after he was accused unjustly the other morning by a sibling.


This is a story about the same little girl that had one long continuous whine last Saturday when her Dad-heaven forbid- took her and her siblings out for the day. These two are by no means perfect little angels but yesterday they were....

The going recess game these days is four square. 4 kids get to be in at a time and the others wait in a line hoping for the players to make a mistake, thus bumping them out and allowing someone from the line in on the action. The goal is to get into the "King" spot and stay there as long as possible. Branson, Brylee, some other kid and the forlorn, friendless little girl were in.We will call her Jenifer.

So apparently Branson served the ball to Jenifer and she missed. The line of kids immediately started calling for her exit from the game.

"Jenifer you're out!"

"Get out you messed up!"

Like that. Where upon hearing the chants and demands Jenifer refused and sat her little self down in the square. The demands grew louder and more angry. Brylee revealed that Branson started to shout over the yells,

"redo, redo!"

But the kids from the line wouldn't hear of it and kept up the calls for Jenifer's elimination. When it all became more than Jenifer could stand she got up and ran away to hide behind the classroom. Then Brylee looked up at me through the mirror and said,

"So Mom, Branson and I quit too and we followed her to cheer her up."

I nearly choked on the lump in my throat right then and there. I went to find Branson to see if his story was the same as Brylee's, it was identical.  Except he added in,

"Yeah, and I was even the King."

I gathered them in and told them that they did the exact thing that the Savior would have done if He had been at recess.

So like I said, these little twins aren't perfect by any means or stretch but yesterday....they were.

My goodness how I love them.

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Katie said...

Love moments like those! Such an adorable picture.

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