Monday, December 5, 2011

Over the Weekend

Scott and I decided to run an errand together on Saturday. I put Cali down and told my 3 big kids that they were going to be babysitting for a little while. Branson asked if they could put up the Christmas decorations while we were gone so Scott got busy dragging in all our bins from the garage. I gave them total control and when we left, all kinds of red and green was already starting to fly. We got a few phone calls early on, all about the injustices of "who wasn't getting to put up what and who did it last year and whose turn it was-and was NOT."

What's Christmas decorating with out a little fighting anyway?

But pretty soon the phone calls dried up and Scott and I had a great afternoon running errands together without any tag alongs. I had already prepared myself for what I would be coming home to, I was ready. I expected,  Hiroshima, Christmas atom bomb in my living room. But they did a surprisingly good job. The tree looked fantastic and aside from the strips of fake pine, scotch taped to the walls, I didn't change a thing.

The Christmas decorating had been done right on top of the morning breakfast mess and the house looked cheery yet disastrous at the same time. Branson got his feelings hurt by someone on another street so Scott and he went off on a rainy bike ride and I strapped Cali to my hip and started working. I straightened and washed and fixed and vacuumed. In between, I made Ella some lunch, watched Kaden do a magic trick (or 7) and red Brylee's latest handwritten story.

It occurred to me in the middle of this famylish stuff that this is all pretty awesome. It really is. Cleaning toilets, wiping snotty noses, folding warm clothes into stacked piles, spraying down counters, peeling potatoes, negotiating the fights, making jelly sandwiches and reading stories, all add up together into what makes motherhood and I love it. I relish in being the middle space around all this flurry of family life. I like being the maid, the cook, the nurse, the hand holder and the story reader. It's the same messes, the same dirty dishes the same sticky floors over and over again but the longer I do it, the more I see it as a privilege.

And this gig does have some pretty priceless rewards.

Yesterday, Kaden passed the sacrament for the first time. Be still my heart he was handsome as all the stars in the sky. His white shirt and tie, his hands folded reverently in front of him, his freshly combed hair. After the water was passed Kaden lined up with the other Deacons right where the chapel ends and the cultural hall begins. I had the front row right behind them. Kaden looked back at me and when our eyes met, a smile that he would have probably rather had kept to himself, spread big and broad across his face. A full-on teethy grin met mine and then he quickly turned back forward.

(by Robin Lee)

If I have to clean the same floors 4 million times to get that, then all I have to say is, "where's the vacuum?"

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Katie said...

We are just a few weeks from that experience...and I cannot wait!!

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