Thursday, December 8, 2011

Piggy Backs and Whispers

Kaden has what I have diagnosed as "School Anxiety." My heart has burned hot with frustration for him this year, as I have watched him shrink under the pressure of lots of teachers, and lots of homework. I make a concerted effort to keep my kids little for as long as possible but when they start doing reports on the cultures of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia and reading things like "the Prince and the Pauper", that I swear one needs a dictionary dated 18 hundred and something, straight from a London library to understand-growing up is inevitable. And so, I have sought answers and help and I have promised to walk the road of 6th grade, right along with my little man. Only sometimes it feels a little more like a piggy back ride, where Kaden does the riding and I do the walking.

Yesterday, after a bunch of pacing, panting and worrying, ( and gnashing of teeth), Kaden wrote a paper. He did a fabulous job, it was smart and witty and well written. When he was done, I complimented his work and then said,

"OK, two chapters of your book study and then your done."

He looked at me like I had just informed him that he was to march to his room and sever his own arm with a butter knife.

I was about to force him to finish, (which I would have preferred because I cant stand it when homework trickles into all hours of the night). But just then, I felt a whisper of help....


 So instead, I asked him when he would be ready to do it.


He answered quickly back.

"OK Kaden I will see you at 8pm."

 I could actually see the tension sliding right off of his shoulders and face. A little bit later he wandered into the kitchen and asked for a game of tether.

(Dear Tether, How I love you and thank you for your family bonding magic.)

We played 4 games. And laughed so hard that Kaden finally called out,

"Hey Mom, no laughies!"

(Whatever that is? They are always making up new rules, mid game.)

 And at 8pm we did the book study. I read and he rested his warm cheek on my shoulder. I could smell the shampoo from his freshly washed hair. There was not a trace of anxiety in him or me. There was peace and security and in the end there was a finished book study.

After Kaden went off to bed, I thanked Heaven once again, for all those timely whispers, that are felt more than heard and for tether, and warm cheeks, but mostly, for walking the road of Motherhood right along with me, only sometimes it feels more like a piggy back ride, where I do the riding and He does the walking.

photo by Robin Lee

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Shelley said...

I loved your post today! I needed the reminder to listen to those whispers more and not follow the rules all the time. It reminds me of a time I forced Carson to study his spelling words until he got them all right... it didn't end well! We both got grumpy and Chad had to come end the homework session for both our sakes! lol.

Ps... I hate spelling words!! :)

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