Wednesday, December 14, 2011

So This is Christmas

Yesterday was Christmas.

At least it was to me.

In the morning the kids were cheerful and quick to get ready. (What the heck? They were?) After they were off to school Ella, Cali and I got through the morning chores and I even showered and got dressed before noon.

And I thought, so this is Christmas!

Late morning came and my sister-in-law showed up at the door. She picked up some Christmas items that I needed and saved me a trip. Plus, she brought with her my niece who happens to be the very best baby-sitter there is for Ella. Those two girls spent the day in cousin heaven and I spent the day getting the office project done for Kaden.

The babysitter kept Ella busy in the bath for like 3 hours.

Then they did pizza and a movie. And I thought, so this is Christmas!

Then my amazon package showed up.

Then my sweet friend left a box of hot chocolate and candy canes at the door.

Then I thought, so this is Christmas!

Then I wrapped Cali in a blanket and sat with her on the porch swing watching the rain while we waited for the bus. Then when the school kids came running and shouting Cali's name- her little face lit up and her legs kicked with excitement at the sight of them.

Branson and Brylee set straight to writing their animal reports like they were on a mission. They needed very little help and Branson even finished his entire rough draft without so much as a word of complaint. Kaden on the other hand came home with very little homework, he even had time to play the computer and I got a sneak picture of him playing with Cali on his shoulders, cause as it turns out that boy loves his baby girl and then seriously I thought,

"So this is Christmas!"

Then my phone rang and it was Anna,

"Have you made dinner?"

I told her I hadn't even thought about dinner and then she said,

"Good cause I made you pizza."

I hung up and thanked Heaven for such a awesome neighbor and then I thought,

"So this is Christmas!"

After dinner all the kids went down to the church because the young women in our ward offered to baby-sit for 2 and half hours. Yes, they really did! Those sweet girls let the kids, cut and glue to their little hearts content and Scott and Cali and I enjoyed an evening alone. When I went to the church to pick them all up they were happy as elves and laden down with Christmas crafts. It was pouring rain so we hurried home and snuggled together in front of "The Grinch Stole Christmas" and for sure I thought,

"So this is Christmas!"

My Ella-sitting niece was picked up and I put the baby to bed and then the big kids and I had scriptures. They were all quiet and peaceful and listening, it was a miracle to behold and then I thought, so this is Christmas!

After everyone was tucked, I was in the bathroom getting ready for bed when KAden knocked at my door. It was 10 pm but he grinned a little and said,

"Can I have hot chocolate and candy canes?"

I only hesitated for a second and then I went for the kitchen, I warmed some milk and mixed in the chocolate and handed over a creamy, steaming cup to Kaden, who smiled his most handsome smile and said,

"Thanks Mom."

I sat next to him and rubbed his back while he sipped down his warm drink.

When Kaden was officially tucked in, I went back to my room to find my little beauty Ella sound asleep next to Scott. She had a red and white candy cane clutched in her fist.

When I knelt down to say my prayers I felt a bit astounded that such a good day could actually be real.  I could only thank Heaven that it was. And then I knew for sure that it is really Christmas.

"For it is good to be children sometimes, and never better than at Christmas, when it's mighty founder was a child himself."

Charles Dickens

A Christmas Carol

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