Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Worth the Work

Friday night the big kids and I took Scott to see "A Christmas Carol" for his birthday. Only he really took us. The food was so good and the company was even better. Scott had been up since 4 am and I could feel his head nodding in and out of sleep during the show. This, just another sign of his devotion to his family. At the end when Scrooge had become a changed man, he came down into the audience and that old Ebenezer Scrooge himself came right to our table and shook the kids hands and wished them a Merry Christmas.

For our 3, plus 2 cousins the whole thing was magical and merry and bright with fun and joy and music. For Scott it was a story that he knows by heart and a fight to stay awake but if I know Scott, he thought it was just as magical, just as merry and just as bright as the kids because if it is for them- then it is for Scott.

After a picture with Tiny Tim....

the two girls, danced, plied and pirouetted all the way to the car...

The next day was full of working to get things ready for the holiday. But by 2pm I was showering the kids, combing their hair, forcing them into clean clothes and loading them up into the car. Scott had been invited to a Christmas party for a company that he did some donation work for. Scott does such a good job for his clients and I love seeing them load him up with praise and thanks. The party was at the zoo and the kids were excited. The only thing was that Scott and I were already wornout, stressed and hot before we even got there. As it turns out, it takes work to get a family of 7 out he door. The dinner room was packed and it took some effort to get the 7 of us seated at our table but when we got there we realized that we were about to have dinner with the guests of honor....

The real, Santa and Misses Claus.

Never in all my days have I seen my 5 children eat with better manners. There was not a fight, not a fit not a spill, not a complaint-nothing!

Dear Santa, you are here-by invited to every single meal that our family ever eats together again for as long as you shall live.

The best part was Ella. Ella got the prized seat, just to the right of Misses Claus. Ella impressed that sweet, rosy cheeked lady with her consumption of pomatoes (tomatoes) and salad. And Ella was very much a fan of the sparkling, snowflake earrings that were dangling out from underneath Misses Claus's gray hair.

After dinner, we had a quick tour of the lights and then it was back for hot chocolate and cookies and to pick up a special gift. Baby Alive for Ella, Crayola glow in the dark board for Brylee, a remote control car for Branson and a gift card for Kaden. I think my kids just about died. I am pretty sure that for them the whole night was magical, and merry and bright with thousands of colorful lights. For Scott and I, it was a lot of maneuvering the stroller through crowds, counting heads so to not lose anyone, taking coats off, putting them on, taking them off, bathroom breaks and baby passing-back and forth, back and forth. But if I know Scott , and I do...I can say that between all the work to make it happen, it was magical, merry and bright with happy kids and excited smiles-for him as well. (and me too)

During dinner I noticed that Misses Claus had her white gloved hand resting on top of Santa's white gloved hand. I heard her lean over and say,

"Come here often?"

and then St. Nick said,

"Oh every year about this time."

Then they both giggled a little. I thought I might melt like snow right there. Between that and Ella's glowing adoration for her new dinner friend all the work, sweat, and grouchiness to get there became magically...worth it.

Seriously, it did.

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