Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Day Off

Yesterday the kids were out of school so we loaded up early and went into my moms. I was excited to spend the day with the kids and I was happy to get to see the videos of my brothers running in the, "Wounded Warrior Tough Mudder Race."

And when they say, "tough" what they mean is a 12 mile run with 29 obstacles. And when they say "Mudder" what they mean is crawling, wading, running and swimming through the mud. They had a blast! The pictures and videos were so fun to see and can I just say that I have some cool brothers.



Later in the afternoon we set out to the horse ranch to ride my Moms horses. So...I am a city girl and my kids are city kids BUT somewhere deep in our roots there lives the spirit of The West. Somewhere coursing through are veins is the blood of cowboys and cowgirls. And so we pretended.

Pretended that we knew what we were doing. Thank goodness Cowboy (Grandpa West) was there and my Mom too. Gene, the man that is training the horses to be good boys and not the type that will buck- off the kids-helped us a lot as well. He gave the kids great pointers and told us about the MLK parade he had ridden in earlier that day.

 Cowboy had been telling me earlier that when he was kid and went to school in Lakeside the kids would call him.."whiteboy". Then when he went to school down here in the valley the kids would call him...."indian."

Thank-you Gene, thank-you Grandpa for going before and leaving my kids a better world than the one you grew up in.

My Goodness people were mean.

After riding the horses we hurried home to finally finish turning the office into a partial bedroom for Kaden. The office has 4 jobs.

1. Bedroom
2. Office
3. Music
4. Junk that has no place else to go.

Thank-you office. You work so hard to accommodate us.

Anyway I am pleased to report that we turned this....

Into this...

I am so happy that the kid now has his own space, even if it is completely ridiculous to me to be stuffing children in all the nooks and crannies of our house. Kaden was thrilled to climb up there and sleep in a real bed...at last.

I kept telling Scott not to tighten the bolts too tightly because surly there will be the prospect of a house that actually fits 7 people soon. Right? Our 12th house anniversary is coming up this spring and I can hardly believe it.

Scott is my hero. He runs home everyday, after providing and securing to put things together, take things apart, help with homework, coach a team or head to the church. We worked for 2 hours side by side last night putting the bed together and even though I was exhausted, Scott kept me laughing the whole time. He turns into a complete nut when we get stuck late at night working on some ridiculous project that comes with bad directions. Somehow he turns the situation into hysteria for me.

When we were almost done, I was standing under the bed holding a support bar while Scott tightened the bolt. He stopped mid tightening to lean down and kiss me nice and good. Branson who was sitting near by said all disgustedly,

"Did you have to do that right now while you are putting the bed together?"

Yes, my boy we did.

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