Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Derby

I have never and I do mean never, liked The Pinewood Derby. I have 7 brothers, 2 sons and I was once the Bear den leader. So, I have some experience in the Derby department. No, never liked it. I enjoyed my very first migraine headache after the Derby of 09, if that tells you anything.

One time, Scott and Kaden spent like 200 man hours building a car that didn't even do that well.

See for your self....

I am pretty sure it took less equipment to build the Eiffel Tower than for my husband and my boy to produce that car.

And can anyone forget the Derby of 2010? I think not! Read here.

So Branson's 2nd Pinewood was last weekend and dare I say..it was just this side of fantastic. My faith has been renewed. Maybe.

First of all Scott and Branson spent maybe a total of 2 hours on this car.

2nd, I am pretty sure not one of our 30 plus Cubs left in tears. A true derby miracle if you ask me.

3rd, The boys were great, the parents were great, and the leaders...oh my the leaders were incredible!They gave out awesome meaningful awards and they got us through the whole ordeal in 2 hours! Hooray for ending the Derby in record time!You have earned my eternal adoration.

4th, Branson's car not only finished 1st in his den, it had the best name of any of the cars..."The Arrow of Light". In honor of the cub scout colors that he chose for exterior of the car.

Scott and I laughed our guts out when Bransons car kept winning because we could both fully remember the head lamp wearin', gung hoe guy that spent 200 hours building a car for Kaden that was... SLOW. And that this one got nearly no attention and certainly no headlamp and it was... FAST! Amid our fit of laughter Scott said,

"I think the Lord is trying to teach me something."

Which sent me into a second wave of hysteria.

The next day, just when I was convinced that the Derby was not so bad,  I heard that during a race from earlier, a spectator, leaped over the track and yelled at the top of his lungs about the injustices of the derby in another spectators face. Lovely. See, I knew all along the Pinewood Derby is no good.

I stand justified.

Being a good sport

Cutest spectator

Branson's toungue of anticipation
Branson is jumping for joy and looking directly at scott in this picture. Love it!


weaverfam said...
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weaverfam said...

I don't think anyone who was there for the derby of '10 will forget it! I myself am very worried for the derby of '13. We've already warned the boy that he probably won't win :) watch out for the explosion that will follow us that night!

Sean & Julia Johnson.... said...

haha... I don't even have boys who have yet completed this & still feel your pain!
It reminded me of this post of my blog.. http://seanandjuliajohnson.blogspot.com/2008/09/ready-to-rumble.html. If you need a laugh, follow the link :)

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