Monday, January 30, 2012

Double Date

Kaden's been so grouchy lately and so we were all excited that he had something fun to do this last weekend. Scott and him left Friday afternoon for the youth snow trip. (OK and we were pretty excited to have a break from his grouchyness.)
My brother and his sweet wife agreed to baby-sit and the twins and I went on a date.

I still cant believe how much fun we had. I am so used to having a baby on my hip and a toddler to keep sane and it felt so great to fully enjoy my 2 nine year olds that are a blast to hang out with. They are so full of "thank-you's" and "I love you Mom's" that it's like a self asteem boost just being with them. We left the house and I asked them where they wanted to eat and when they saw "Coco's", they declared it to be The Place -because it is named after our bunny. Duh.

So there we island of youth, and energy and hair- that isn't gray, in a sea of senor citizens.
Brylee and Brasnon held my hand and laid their heads on my shoulder. We laughed so hard during dinner because as it turns out , writing your names backwards on the menus is pretty funny. Bransons is by far the best...


Brylee had pancakes and Branson had mac and cheese and the waitress brought them full size drinks instead of kids size. Who could ask for more than that?

I had packed my purse full of treats and so after dinner we headed to the movies and by-passed the snack counter. Inside the theater, I felt thrilled to have those twins to myself. Me in the middle, Brylee's fingers laced into mine and Branson's brown head on my shoulder.

We saw "We bought a Zoo", which was a darling story but had way too many swear words for 9 year old ears and 32 year old ears. After the movie the air in the parking lot felt freezing and crisp so we ran to the car and blasted the heater.

On the way home Branson said,

"Mom, that kid in the movie is grouchy like Kaden."

So I went into a speech about how Kaden is just having a rough patch and how we need to love him even more and even when it is hard too. I told them how much Kaden needs us and that we need to pray for him and try our best to help him. The twins listened and took every word I said quite seriously.

The feeling in the car turned heavy and we were all perfectly quiet. word- that came from the little mouth of the only boy present, broke the silence...


And then we laughed our guts out until tears ran down my cheeks and I started having trouble seeing the road.

The twins slept with me in my bed that night and I fell asleep thanking Heaven for inventing twins and for sending me the best set in all the world.

I hit the jack pot...that's for sure.

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