Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tender Mercy-Stitches Edition

I will have you know that I cleaned my whole house yesterday using only 9 fingers. This is what I learned. "Julz's guide to nine fingers" if you will.

First, if you are going to lacerate one of your fingers, may I recommend that you choose your non-writing hand pinkie. I must say that you can still do most things quite well with out that little guy. While scrubbing sinks, toilets, tubs and counters, just use one hand. Dishes...same thing one hand. Bathing the baby can also be done one handed, only when you get to the part where you need to lift the slippery, naked child out. Then you should use your one good hand and your forearm from the not so good hand. Easy.

Fastening pig tails is doable but braids for some reason is not.

Poopy diapers can be a challenge. Especially when your subject contorts her body into a twisted bread stick every diaper change. Give the baby a lollipop, an apple, heck give the girl a whole darn Popsicle if you have to, just keep her from moving while you make the change.

Laundry can also be done one handed but beware when you fold the little shirts not to stick your hand with the laceration up a sleeve to turn it right side out. If you do you may get stuck like that for a time while you try to figure out how you are going to get your hand back out, with out ripping open the nice stitching that is holding your pinkie together.

Homework with the big kids can be done with 9 fingers.... unfortunately.

Dinner making is less challenging if you enslave your oldest daughter and make her your assistant.

And lastly bath time, scripture time and bed time...get your self a good husband that will do it for you so that you can take a pain pill and go to bed. Scott has been my tender mercy through this minor but painful inconvenience, he does pretty good at making up for a non-working pinkie. Other tender mercies in an angst filled episode.....

I still have a pinkie.
Great friends who can stitch.
Sweet kids who pray for a speedy healing.
New can openers.

(I may never eat chicken again)


Katie said...

You are amazing! Way to keep going. Hope it's feeling better!!
BTW -- I will share your blog link on FB.

Kirsi Anne said...

Blog has been shared :)) Hope you're doing good!!

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