Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cali's Day and Stuff

Cali's birthday was so nice. Just our family and aside from the fact that Kaden was disturbed that we didn't invite anyone, we all had a good time celebrating our baby. First she opened her famous Grandma Magnusson card...

My Sister Jenny: That is the biggest most ridiculous bow, I have ever seen. Me: Isnt it though?

Then endured me trying to get a good picture...

Then we let her open her 2 little gifts...

Then we sang her happy birthday and let her dig in to her tiny little cup cake. Kaden's first birthday, dig-in cake was huge. The twins cakes were a little smaller, Ella's was a single round and Cali's a miniature cup cake. I've lived, I've learned, I like the smaller cake.



Then in honor of Cali's birthday that corresponds with Valentines Day we heart attacked our selves. We each wrote out love notes to everyone else in the family on little hearts and then had a good time reading them. I wrote mine before hand so I just sat back on the couch snapping pictures.

When I pointed the camera at Ella for a second time, she looked me straight in the eye and then her little Highness screamed,

"STOP taking pictures of me!"

I took it anyway...

Let love abound.

And since I know you are still laughing lets let the hysteria continue. Earlier in the day Branson and Brylee had taken one of Cali's b-day balloons out back and filled it full of water. A waterballoon on steroids if you will. I went out to check on things just in time to find Brylee screaming that she couldnt hold the balloon any longer because she had to go to the bathroom. I protested and told her that because she was all wet and muddy she was going to have to dry off first before going in.

Branson looked at me with a very questioning look in his eyes and said,

"Mom, why don't you just let her pee in the wild?"

One more, one more....

Ella: Mom did you cry when Cali was bornded?
Me: Yes
Ella: Sometimes Mama's just cry to get their babies out?
Me:Uh- Huh
Ella: And the baby is all bloody and so is the Mama.
Ella: I knew that cause I know everything.

Heaven. Help. Us.

Lets see that one again...


Paul and Jenny Stoker said...

Thank you Julz for quoting my exact thought as I was thinking it and yes that picture of Ella made me laugh.

Melanie said...

haha that's one wonderful picture of ella that she's sure to appreciate when she's older... Or not.
this post was funny, i love the things your kids say - thanks for the laughs!

Katie said...

Cali's pictures are so adorable and Ella's made me laugh :)

Jedidiah said...

Oh, I finally put the 20 minute conversation I had with Ella on a DVD for you. She told me the definition of bogus, where boogers come from, all about one day that she didn't get out of bed, and so much more

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