Monday, February 6, 2012

Go Away

Yesterday was a grouchy day. Very grouchy. I was, the kids were, and when Scott came home from meetings in the afternoon, we made sure our grouchiness rubbed off all over him too. We tried a walk. But Ella got her foot stuck in the spokes of Scott's bike and that started her in on one long huge fit. We tried watching the super bowl but Kaden was all of a sudden the Patriots number one fan and got all intense and frustrated with the loss. I tried to ignore everyone and locked myself in the room but they pounded on the door. Then I decide that nothing could be done except to end the day.

I called everyone to the couch and ordered them to get out their scriptures. I don't know what happened but the mood changed. A very teary Kaden asked a question which led to a discussion which led to a whole lot of chances for Scott and I to encourage, uplift and adore our kids. Kaden quite literally sobbed through the whole conversation, his weighed down little head resting on my shoulder or tucked under the couch cushion. He is changing and noticing more and more that a world he used to think was all kindness and love, also has a whole lot a bad in it.

He looked at Brylee square in the face and told her that the next time she goes out to play, he was going with her. He was bound to see to it that no one is ever unkind to his sister again.

We never read any scriptures, even though I had my book in my hands. We just talked. The kids talked, we made plans for a solo camping trip, just the 7 of us. We prayed. We hugged. We tucked in. I hugged Kaden's broadening frame and he hugged back, good and tight. Grouchy...was very, very far away.

Now if we can just keep him there.

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