Thursday, February 16, 2012

Guilty as Charged Kid

Kaden came home from mutual Tuesday with a huge, silly grin. It was Valentines day and all the youth in our ward had a combined activity together where they learned a few dances and were given dancing tips. The post mutual review went like this:

Kaden: Mom mutual was so fun! We danced the whole time and learned new things like," The Cuddle."
(Kaden then showed me "the cuddle", there in the hall way.

Kaden: Plus Mom, we formed a circle and people went in the middle to do moves and I WENT IN!
Me; Wow, I am so glad that you did that!
Kaden: Me too, it was so fun.

At this point, the conversation went on and on about what a good time Kaden had. He showed me more things and I watched and listened and danced right back with my boy like it was my new found favorite hobby. Kaden was in such a good mood and it felt so nice to see him so happy.

Then it went like this:
 Kaden: Oh my gosh Mom...and we had to learn a romantic dance! I almost sat out on that part. But I didn't.
Me: So you had to dance with a girl?
Kaden: Girlsssss, Mom- not A girl.
Me: Who were they?

It was then that my cheerful happy man changed in a nano second. His face fell and he glared at me like I was a sworn enemy terrorist and said in a solemn serious voice,


Then he turned, all disgustedly and walked away.

Awe the joys of a good pubescent mood swing.
(If you are confused as to why this was hilarious- what he meant was that the three girls he danced with have at some point in their lives baby sat at my house. I was to blame because I would have been the one to ask them to babysit. Dancing with a babysitter, Heaven forbid right? Parental torture at it's best)

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