Thursday, February 2, 2012

Spiritual Attractivness

Last Saturday afternoon, Brylee burst through the front door and ran for her room. I followed her to see what was going on. I came through the bedroom door and I could see dirty tears streaking down Brylee's cheeks.

I went over to her and pulled her close to me while she sobbed. Then I asked her what had happened. Through her tears Brylee tried to explain how she had been sitting in the grass with a group of neighborhood girls. They were chatting away and enjoying the gorgeous weather when one of the girls said out loud for everyone else to hear,

"Oh my gosh Brylee, you talk way too much and you talk way too loud!"

Humiliated, stunned and hurt Brylee stood up, got on her bike and came home. My heart was broken. I cried too. I held my sweet girl and told her that the very best thing in the whole world about her is that she has never made someone feel bad. She had never said an unkind word to or about anyone. And that was something unique and amazing. I promised her she was loved and that she had many good friends.

It's been a few days now and I think most of the sting from the insult has faded but I told Brylee that it is somewhat important to remember how bad she felt- as a good reminder to never do the same. Scott picked up the twins and our two little neighbor friends from gymnastics yesterday. Brylee was excited to get in the car and tell her Dad that she had moved up to level 3. Scott said that he could see in the rear view mirror that Brylee's good friend and gymnastics partner was starting to cry. She had not been moved up that day and it hurt. Brylee put both arms right around her friend and encouraged her and comforted her, there in the back seat.

 This morning, I went to to work on my Sunday lesson when I came across this video.

 "Spiritual attractiveness" what an perfect way to describe my Brylee. She is not perfect but she is kind. This video reminded me of her and what she knows, already at just 9,  is most important in life.

She is so beautiful to me in every way. Even though she does have a happy...big....strong... and yes LOUD voice. And she uses it to spread goodness everywhere she goes.

How I love her.

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