Monday, February 27, 2012


I have been out of a camera for a few weeks now. It has been driving me crazy. So when Scott said that we could go this weekend and get one, I could hardly stand the wait! I even braved Costco on a Saturday...have mercy- that place is something else. But as it turns out Costco on a Saturday with 1 kid and two adults is entirely different than Costco on any day with 5 kids and one adult. The old ladies did not disapoint with their pluthera of samples, the Vidamix girl managed to entice me once again and who can pass up lunch for two, for less than 10 bucks? You get what you pay for, mind you and that Costco cusine is not something you should take a risk on- too terribly often.

But the camera...oh the camera, was what made our Saturday Costco stop a happy, happy shopping experience. You see My Little, My Tiny, My Slight Baby Girl is stepping....

Can you see the balance in her arms? Can you see the delight on her face? Can you see the grip in her toes? Can you see the, "I'm on my way," look in her eyes? Well I can, and I needed to save it. As soon as the battery was charged, I propered her up near the couch and coaxed her toward me.

Something about those brand-new, wobbly steps just makes me smile. She's letting go. Watching her venture around the house on her two tiny legs has reminded me how very little time I get to have with them. 

Thank-goodness for cameras.

Thou hast enlarged my steps under me, that my feet did not slip.
Psalm 18:36

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Denise said...

What camera did you get?

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