Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tender Mercy-Dead Ky-yote Edition

Scott and I both wish we could carve out more family time to take the kids for adventure. It's one of our favorite things to do but lately the chance for it has eluded us. When that happens, it's nice to have a bunch of rugged uncles that can step in and do the job for us.

Last weekend our boys were invited by my Dad and my brothers out for adventure. Guns, ammo, camouflage and coyotes. I cant say I know everything that went on last Saturday but I do know it was pure adventure for 2 little boys.

 I learned that it is perfectly legal to hunt coyotes because apparently they are overpopulated in our deserts. My boys were fascinated by the hunt and then completely enthralled by watching my brother skin up the coyote. I on the other hand nearly lost my lunch just hearing about it. I can change some ghastly diapers, huge fearsome piles of vomit and streams of oozing snot- with out flinching but the blood and guts of a ragged desert animal. Yuck!

Thanks Dad and brothers for filling in  for us in the adventure department. I am glad that someone is teaching my boys the joy of wearing the same disgusting clothes for two days and the delight of skinning a dead Ky-yote.

Cause I sure aint gonna do it.

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Jedidiah said...

You should ask Branson about the huge nerf gun battle

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