Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tender Mercy-Scott Edition

I feel kind of bad that my blogging has taken such a hit lately. Really I am just in one of those weird times where there are so many needs to be met, that I am all empty by the time I sit to think. Plus, my camera has been broken for a few weeks now. sniff, sniff.

Scott and I have had huge constraints on our time and big decisions to make and tons of homework to help the kids with. We have also had minor health issues running rampant through our family, plus the normal demands of a busy family of 7.  Scott takes on the weight of our entire world on his shoulders and he does it with such steadiness that I find myself really, really loving the man.

When I was a Laurel (17 or 18) my young women's president once told me,

"Julianne, make sure you marry someone that will help you up the hill, not someone that you'll be dragging along."

Scott not only helps me up the hill- he carries the packs, leads the march and acts as our Navigator. And then he lovingly listens to me voice my uncertainties, complaints and frustrations. I'm so grateful. I hope he knows that, I think he does.

And up we go, right? It's a long hike but there sure are some beautiful views along the way and sharing them with Scott is as good as it gets.

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