Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Good Things

GOSH! as Napoleon would say. I have these lofty goals of trying to write everyday cause heaven knows I could, but then it's like noon already and the words are still swimming in my head instead in a post for posterity and then I think something like, "oh well no one is reading anyway", and then I think but someday maybe my great, great grand daughter will be in desperate need of knowing what happened in my life today and then, well here I am.

We have had a few really good stuff going on lately. Good thing huh, since we've had a few really crappy things going on too.

Yesterday, Scott, Kaden and I got up at 4am. Scott and Kaden were all showered and clean ready to head to the temple to do baptisms for the dead. Kaden's first time. I was so happy for Kaden that I just could not stay in bed. I helped him button that stubborn top button and I helped him comb his hair. We had talked at length the night before about what a special service Baptisms for the dead are, but while I helped him, I continued to whisper sacred things into his ear.

I just love the gospel and I love that Heavenly Father has provided a way for ALL of his children to return to Him. I feel that it is a awesome and wonderful blessing that he lets us, his imperfect children, help Him in this work. When Kaden was finished getting ready, they were running a few minutes late. Scott started darting around searching for his wallet that seemed to have disappeared out of no where. His reccomend was in it and he would not be able to participate at the temple with out it. I said a quick prayer and afterwards Kaden said,

"Dad, I know I saw it somewhere."

When he said that, I knew that Kaden had only been in his room, my bathroom and the garage. Since Scott had already checked the whole house I said,

"Check the garage."

The wallet was found, a prayer was answered and my two handsome guys were off. They had a wonderful experience and I am so glad they got to share that together.

Scott has been coaching Kaden and Bransons football team. He is so good at it. It is a huge time commitment and to make up for the days he has to come home early for practice he has been going to work before the sun rises. Scott is such a devoted Dad and he is a great coach...after losing the first two games they came home Saturday with a BIG win! (Thank-goodness)

Brylee may never know just how glad I am that she is mine. Almost every evening she gathers up Cali and takes her outback to play. Cali loves Brylee and she loves going outside, so these precious hours of playing are her favorite time of the day. Brylee has become a great baby bather, tender, diaper changer and I am quite certain she is the worlds best big sister.

And lastly Ella talks alot about some kid named Talon and every time she does I think of this:

Napoleon: Do the chickens have large talons?
Farmer: Do they have what?
Napoleon: Large talons.
Farmer: I don't understand a word you just said.
See, really good things.

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