Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Help that is not Helping

It was a Sunday morning way back when Kaden looked something like this...

that our sliding glass door first shattered into millions of glassy shards. He was young probably three. The twins were fully mobile- one year olds and Scott was away at meetings. I had repeatedly tried to distract Kaden from picking up the babies. He would get them in that toddler head lock and then try to drag them all choked under his arm through the house.

Finally I said something like,"Kaden since you aren't listening to me you need to go be outback by yourself." I placed the little offender just outside the door and moments later...


My sweet, banished, little man had picked up a rock and sent in flying into the glass, leaving our back door a complete loss.

On Saturday Kaden was outback doing yard work for the entire morning. After pulling hundreds of weeds and after Branson had mowed Kaden was edging the yard. I was in the kitchen busy with other things when....


My sweet, hardworking boy's edger had unknowingly flicked up a rock and sent it flying into the glass. He didn't even realize what had happened and just kept right on edging.

So Kaden has busted our door twice now. Once because he was being super naughty and once because he was being super good.

What I learned is, mistakes do not bother me at all when it was unintentional and the result of trying to do good.


Having your kids do the yard work costs about $400 dollars for a new door, paying a yard crew to to do it, only costs about $80 but teaching your kids to work is priceless. Right?

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