Friday, March 23, 2012

The Sun will Come Out

When we were kids one of the songs that I can remember being sung with great frequency around our tiny, kid-stuffed house was,

"The sun'll come out tomorrow..."

All loud and boisterous and Annie like. I even think there is a home video of sorts where my little sister is perched behind the rocking chair, combing through the long balding strands of hair, atop my uncle's head while belting out..

"Tomorrow, tomorrow!"

I haven't watched Annie in some time but last night after talking to my brother-in-law, I was sure that the sun will come out tomorrow. My sister is recovering better than was expected and like always, there is sunshine after the rain.

For me that sunshine came in the two day company of my little niece. Sweet. Sweet. Sweet. We had a time! Long baths where Ella and Brookie were joined by an array of mermaids, we played lots of chase Brookie around the house games, we rocked and snuggled and laughed and jumped on the tramp and I took tons of pictures. We had a good time and I am not sure that Ella will know what to do with herselfez, now that we have said good-bye to her little cousin for the weekend. Ella has been surrounded by good friends.

Dallin is always just a walk across the street away...

and Brookie has been right here as a full time play resource. As soon as Brookie pulled out of our driveway, Ella asked for a movie. Nothing better to do, I guess since the fun just went home.

And life goes on, right? Bransons eyes are swollen and red, hopefully just from the pollen but it was bad enough that he stayed home today and I will take him to the doctor for a sure diagnosis. Kaden's science project was miraculously finished on time and I have regained my counter top. Brylee my angel girl, spent 1 full hour yesterday entertaining not one, not two- but three little girls in the back yard for me. I swear the heavens parted and a choir of angels were singing praises to her name. (At least they were in my head). We had no, that's right NO extra kids in our bed last night and in less than a week Kaden and Scott get to take a long anticipated trip to Utah for general conference. The boys have a football game tomorrow, which is always fun and tonight Scott and I will sneak away for a fancy date to Home Depot.

Some days life is just plain sad but- stick out your chin and grin because,

the sun will come out tomorrow.

I am sure of it.

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