Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Scott and Kaden had a wonderful 3 days up at conference together. I just cant say how thankful I am that they got to go. Scott and I didn't have a chance to talk about the trip until early Monday morning. The house was still and quiet and Scott's emotions were full while he told me about their experiences and shared with me his feelings for our first boy. They had an unforgettable time.

The weird thing is that Kaden seemed to come home with a post vacation attitude. The next morning he didn't want to go to school, didn't want to do homework and didn't really want to be all that nice. It was sad. But sure enough he showed up at my bedside last night and squeezed my hand until it fell sleepily to his side.

At 2:30 today, just before the bus came home, I prayed for a softened heart and for insight into what my boy needs. I spent the afternoon with Kaden by my side. We finished a bunch of homework, we peeled the dinner potatoes, Kaden told me all about the "whose on First" joke that they learned about in History and then we ran an errand to the store. I tried a cute little pair of sandals on Cali and then I put them back. Kaden, asked if he could use his own money to buy them for her. He held the doors for me and carried in the milk when we got home. I reached over to him in the car and held his hand. I told him that he was one of my very best friends and that I love being his Mom. At home he offered a piece of his own gum to Ella and her two little friends.

I felt like Kaden's heart was telling mine, "this is who I really am Mom, try to see this me even when it's hard.

But was easy.

How I love my Kaden boy.

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