Friday, April 27, 2012

Dont Turn Your Back

Do NOT let the angelic face fool you. Do Not get memorized by the soft kissable cheeks. Do NOT drift off into the blue pools of heaven in her eyes. Do NOT let the gorgeous, kissable- mouth draw you into a euphoric state of baby intoxication. Do NOT get hypnotized by her perfectly soulful smell. Do NOT turn your back on this child. In one week's time she has,

Dumped a bowl of cereal off of the table.
Emptied the girls dresser 46 times.
Squeezed out the toothpaste.
Played in the toilet.
Pasted herself with back yard mud.
Ripped up a piece of homework.
Eaten a starburst clean through the wrapper.
Gotten her hair all glued into her boogers.
Helped herself to the bunny food.
And consumed a stick of lipgloss.

If you need something destroyed she rents cheap.
(But MAN do I love my little 16 pound destructo girl.)

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Sean & Julia Johnson.... said...

love it :) that sounds like my Joey.. but he isn't as cuddly as your little girl!!!

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