Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Here and There's

Just a few here and there's to catch up on...

Today we had watermelon out on the lawn, courtesy of our kind neighbors. I have never seen a child be as protective of something as Cali was of her piece. Mama Bears have nothing on this chick! Didn't bother her a bit that it was getting covered in grass blades and dirt particles, she was happy as hog...

Until someone decided to invade her serenity by helping herself...
Cali was arms flailing mad.

I thought it was hysterical. When she got her slice back, she slurped it and chewed on it until she literally tipped over, drunken with the sweet red nectar...

I also enjoyed listening to Ella and friend Dallin, "play" Clue....

I amused myself by watching Cali smash her face up to the back window...

Last Saturday morning the twins decided to get out a sewing project before the sun came up. I was fixing breakfast, answering the doorbell to neighbor children, trying to find cooking utensils in my mostly packed kitchen, attempting to keep Cali off of the counter where she is sure to cause herself bodily harm and the twins were there in my face, asking me about whip stitches and end knots.

I was trying my best to answer and demonstrate and ooh and ahh at their work but i was really just wishing-for crying out loud-that they would save the sewing for another time.

They persisted and when things calmed down a bit, I actually had a good time with it.

Tonight Branson received his Bear award at scouts. He is a bit disheveled because he totally fought the bear and won!

The packing and moving is coming along and just the other day after serving dinner, I said to the kids,

"Can you believe we have lived here all of your lives and now we are down to our last few days?"

They all started complaining about moving and leaving their friends, so after reassuring them that they will still have plenty of chances to see their friends I told them that this decision had not been made lightly. I explained that we had prayed and fasted for more than a year about this choice and we were sure this was what is best for our family. Kaden, who is the most against moving responded by saying,

"Well, now that I know you prayed about it, I feel a lot better."

Really! How could the kid not know this?! It made me realize that as obvious as I think my faith is to them, maybe sometimes it isn't and I should be sharing it with them even more often.

The kids have done fantastic in school this year.

The twins have breezed through, acing everything they try and even though it has been a long, treacherous road for Kaden (that we are STILL walking, barf!) he has done amazing. It has taken a huge amount of dedication on my part too! So after having him pose for his picture, I wanted to say,

"My turn to hold the dang certificate!" 

Man this parenting stuff makes me tired.

(and happy and thankful and mad and confused and joyful and satisfied and and and and...)

There you have it all caught up for now, Ella is awaiting her nightly back tickle. What a life that girl has!

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