Monday, April 2, 2012

Motherly Frustrations

After thinking it over for a few days, I think I have my answer about money. Do we need it...yes. Should we be self-reliant and strive to be debt free...yes. But of course money is not the answer, love is the answer, love is always the answer. I may end up with a teenager that will pick his friends over a day hike with us or a family game night together. But if I offered a houseboat on lake Powell, he would pick us instead, I don't know. But when that day comes, I will pray and ask and search out an answer that will be right for us and our kids and right for our budget. Because the one thing I will always have more of than his friends, is love. And now I give you something totally unrelated,

Things that make me grit my teeth in Motherly frustration...

If you please....

1. That my children do not understand the English language well enough to understand when there is a baby in the house you must, SHUT.THE.BATHROOM.DOOR......

My cell phone is the latest victim...

2. That all of these little people feel they must fight, FIGHT to sit next to me at church, even if that means that all of them are practically on top of me. Sweet...yes, super annoying...yes.

3. That when I say "no, you may not" my children hear, "keep begging me over and over and since I enjoy being badgered to death by whiny voices, maybe I will change my mind."

4. When I say, "go clean up the room", my children hear, "Can you please give me, your mother, a verbal list of exactly who it was that made the mess because heaven knows it wasn't YOU."

5. That my children are STARVING but not actually hungry enough to eat what I made.

6. That my children magically do not hear me when I say things like "do your work before you leave" and astonishingly DO hear me when they are 3 rooms away and I whisper something private into Scott's ear.

7. That when my children have a prized piece of candy that they themselves leave out in the obvious openness, someone else eats it and they blame me. Cause well naturally.

These things are really not that funny in the moment but for some reason when I recount them to my parents they find them hysterical. So your welcome Mom and Dad, I'm glad I could help you out in the entertainment department.

And go figure.. I still really like all 5 of them even though I may need Post Traumatic Stress Disorder counselling by the time they are all raised.
Potraits by Robin Lee

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Katie said...

I admit, I laughed too...but only because each and every one of these occur in our home. :)

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