Thursday, April 12, 2012

Our Easter

Easter is the best holiday, if you please. It offers so very much to celebrate with out as much frill and pomp as Christmas. I love new Sunday dresses and I love pretty baskets. (my new addiction is photo editing).

I love a simple egg hunt that only takes minimal preparation but still produces a whole lot off happy smiles.

I love that even my big kids still like dying or painting Easter eggs and I like that Scott goes around on Sunday morning talking about the Easter Bunny like they were old college room mates. I love that Kaden and Branson roll their awfully mature eyes at him and I love that Brylee plays right into it and that Ella full-on believes with her whole heart and soul that a big, life size, furry bunny comes hopping into our house each year to leave her a basket of treats and a new dress for church. How he knows her size so well, I'll never know. Good taste too.

Most of all I love telling my kids, (one of which kept calling Good Friday...Lucky Friday) That Good Friday, with all of it's pain and suffering and betrayal was indeed good. I love teaching them that the One and Only person that could and would save us- did and that Easter is the best most beautiful part of the gospel. It makes families forever and it makes death only temporary and it takes all our mistakes and shortcomings and lackings and repairs them whole again. It also makes all of our trials, sicknesses, sorrows, fears and grief shared and known perfectly by a perfect Older Brother.

How I love Him for it.

Hope your Easter was a happy one!

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Katie said...

Adorable pictures of your kids!!

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