Friday, April 13, 2012

To Kaden From Ella

Dear Kaden,

Last Saturday I was playing on the play ground in Cowboys yard. I was wearing my pink wings because I thought that they would help me go faster when I hunted for Easter eggs and because they are so pretty. I climbed up to the very top of the steep slide, I felt brave. But when I got up there, it was really high and scary. I wished that my sparkly butterfly wings would work and fly me right down but they didn't, so I cried instead.

Then you saw me crying and climbed up the slide to save me. I was still scared but you were very brave.

It was like you were the strong prince and I was the beautiful butterfly princess and I needed to be rescued and so you were my hero and rescued me. Because I know about lots of princess stories and that's how they go. So when you got closer to me and I felt safe again, I hanged on tight to your arm and we started to slide down, but I didn't smile yet.

When I was all rescued and safe, I felt sad about my sparkly wings. They still are pretty but they didn't work to fly. So you helped me and I got to fly. My wings flapped just like I like them to, maybe you noticed them.

That's when I smiled so big and pretty, because you were my hero and you helped me to fly. The End

Love, Ella the Butterfly Princess

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