Monday, May 14, 2012


I turned 33 on Friday. Wrapped up another year, tied it with a bow and placed it up on the shelf. The big events of this year were,

letting go of nursing my baby, long before I was ready.

Watching a sibling and her family go through a near tragedy and the aftermath.

Cali's horrible, 9 day illness.

And leaving my familiar, wonderful home of 12 years.

But really, 32 was about the hundreds of ordinary days and moments that equal out to the sum of a whole lot of good stuff. And today, my birthday-was no different. I woke up, fixed breakfast for my kids, helped them get ready and dropped them off. I did two loads of wash, rocked my, sore-from-shots, baby and played with Ella, Brookie and Mikey. I put away more boxes and cleaned up our little basement space.

Later, the kids and I met up with Scott and had dinner at one of our favorite places. I loved it. It's pricey, PRICEY! I tell you,  for all of us to eat out together, so we don't do it a ton but when we do...amid the chaos and the occasional fits...

I really love it. It is so fun for me to sit back and let other people feed us. It is at last a chance to just really enjoy those 5 smudgy faces across the table. We had a huge root-beer spill because well....we always do. We laughed at Cali's constant need to slurp down ice water like she couldn't get enough.

And, best of all we walked away from the giant mess left behind. Happy Birthday to me!

After dinner we stopped by a reception, then the girls and I, kissed the boys good-bye and came home. (We left them behind to wrap up last minute repairs at our house.) At home, Ella was ramping into some pretty stellar fits,  so I was happy to take her and Brylee out back to jump. And then like it always does, Pure Happiness showed up. (Welcome back Pure Happiness, how I've missed you). I could see it in our bouncing shadows on the back yard fence, I could hear it in the little girl giggles and I felt it from the very inside of my heart.

We jumped and played, so long that my legs ached. Then we laid down and watched the fluttery movement of the leaves in the tree above us. Brylee put her head on my shoulder and said,

"Mom, Heavenly Father made all of those leaves."

Man, that girl and her faith! Beautiful, I tell you. After the girls were tucked, I checked in on the computer. I found two amazing gifts there waiting from me. This and this.

And if all that weren't enough Sunday was Mothers Day and my Dad brought me 12 yellow roses. Really he did. The kids gifted me with their usual elementary school notes of love and devotion. And Kaden, KADEN gave me the best gift of all. A NAP. The boy entertained Ella with a game of Twister for a good hour. Glory Be! Scott kept Cali with him the whole day too so that I could let my brain think of something other than keeping her from constant injury as she feels compelled to climb, dump, consume, seek death, ect, ect. Brain rest is better than chocolate.

Don't you just relish in simple. I don't need a limo ride or diamonds, just kindness. I am an easy girl to please, I tell you what.

And that is the story of how I turned 33.


Anna said...

Happy birthday and Mother's day to one of the best mothers I know.

kellibattraw said...

Oh man! I thought of you on your birthday and meant to wish you a happy day then! So, happy belated birthday! I hope this year is filled with joy and wonder!

Sean & Julia Johnson.... said...

Happy late birthday :)

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